3d Printable Spartan Laser

Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by macktruck, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. odst ajr

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    If you put a recharging port on the end you could make a recharging station like they have in lore
  2. macktruck

    macktruck New Member

    Perhaps I will, but I need to know exactly where it is. If you can, upload a photo pointing EXACTLY so the spot your talking about.
  3. macktruck

    macktruck New Member

    I'm not really sure what that's suppose to be. I thought those copper tubes were some kind of cooling system for the laser, but it kinda looks like it's a lever for an ejection or loading system. But there'es nothing inside. I posted a question about that a few posts ago. I really want to find a way to incorporate a LCD into this.
  4. macktruck

    macktruck New Member

    Okay, 2 out the 3 prints for the handle finished so it gives a good idea how the handle looks and sizes up against my hand. I have to admit, it's not a comfortable grip as I can't fully close my hand. A decrease of circumference of 8% probably would make it feel much better. Remember Spartans are huge super soldiers. The last piece for the handle that I haven't printed yet is the prism to align the pieces. I suggest using the prism so that everything aligns and so it gives the connection added stability. You really don't want those pieces coming apart if you grip it hard. . I also suggest something to be inserted into the slide while gluing so that precisely aligns. It's taking a while to print, I'm printing at .05mm layer height so every piece is taking a full day to print.
    Both pieces seperate:
    The space where the alignment prism fits:
    A picture of how my hand grips the grip:
    A reference of the size of my hand (because your hand might not be the size of my hand)

    I'm not really feeling inspired right now, so I will pick this up tomorrow. This thing is going to be made of ALLOT of pieces, but I think ti will be worth it. No need to waste tons of filament on support, and the print will actually look good.
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  5. macktruck

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    Here is some of the work I did today, You can see the derivative work to the left and the original to the right. I'm holding off on finalizing this back part. I want to see if I can get some kind of AC plug fitted into it. IMO, the circle with the handle looks like a fuse. I would like to make them removable. This back section is going to be made of about 5 layers. Each layer will build upon the previous. fuse_update.png

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