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Like marscereature correctly quoted, I use PVC Pipes. One Thing has indeed changed: There are no 60mm Pipes, so I use that 63mm pipes (I guess 2,5inch) .
If you need 60mm for fit tolerances, check with your local plastics supplier for acrylic tube/pipe. It's a bit more spendy but there is usually a selection of metric sizes or a way to get the size you need.


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Long time since last update, but now.

All parts are printed (except some small and less important ones).
Currently I'm smoothening all the surfaces.
(I'm still working on it, even if I took long breaks)



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wowza. how heavy?
I know my Foam one is hefty and bulky that has to be insane to carry! But you have made all SPNKr lovers everywhere happy with how beautiful it is.

I don't know how heavy it will be, unfortunately I don't have a scale in the workshop. Maybe 4-5kg but that's just a guess.
Luckily I found some lighter PVC tubes in the local hardware store.


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When I found tubes with thinner wall thickness in the hardware store, I noticed how heavy the previous tubes were. So I put together the pipe ends from the previous pipes and the middle part from the new pipes.
28.jpg 29.jpg 30.jpg
So now the tubes look heavy, but they are light.

When I glued the magazine together, I made a huge mistake. I glued most of it backwards. Fortunately I was able to unglue it without damaging it.

Sanding is now almost finished.

My painting tools:
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