3D-Printed Halo 4 Multiplayer Build

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Hello there! Long time lurker, checking in and finally making a build thread.
For a long time, I’ve wanted to build a Spartan-IV. Now that my foam Mk.V(B) is finally showing its age and with the recent acquisition of a 3D printer, I figured its time to upgrade. The goal of this build is to achieve as high-detail a build as possible, with high quality 3D models, a custom undersuit, decals, lighting, vacuformed visor, and meticulous paint job (plus lots of weathering!).
This will be a collaboration with my brother, Spartan Warrior.
Also, I want to give a huge shoutout to the hard work of Chernobyl and the Armory team! The OBJs and textures will be invaluable for this project!

Printer Info and Settings:

Creality Ender 5 Pro
Plastic: PETG
Nozzle Temp: 250 C
Bed Temp: 90 C on first layer, 75 C for rest of print, energy-saving off.
"Tree" supports

Build Progress:

Twin-Plated Forearms: Printed.
Handplates: OBJ ready.
Fingers: OBJ ready.
Infiltrator Shoulders:
Outer-Plated Legs: Boots OBJ in progress
Defender Chest:
Scout Helmet:
Sword Hilt:

The final product should look something like this:​

Thank you for your interest!​
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While I worked on the handplate OBJ, Spartan Warrior completed the forearm OBJ and both forearms have been printed.

The handplate and fingers OBJ is also finished. I used the knife tool to cut new topography to match the game’s textures. To prevent polygon lines when printing and to recreate the sleekness of Gen-II armor, I applied a subdivision surface modifier.
handplate old.PNG
handplate 2.PNG

Halo 4’s models also have a nasty habit of clipping through the undersuit. If printed without modification, the handplate and fingers would have been about twice as tall as they are supposed to be. To fix this, I applied a subdivision surface to smooth out the undersuit OBJ and used it as a boolean to cut off the excess.
handplate before.PNG

Next step is scaling and printing the handplate and fingers, then completing work on the boot OBJ.
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