3D Printed HALO Marine using Kryptek Mandrake


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Hi All,

Firstly I am by no means an expert in any of this. I have just purchased my first 3D Printer which is still boxed at home right now as I don't finish deployment for another few weeks lol. Having said that I have decided to take the below picture 3D animate it and then strip apart the armor and modulate it for 3D printer to be as detailed and robust as possible. The first one I will be doing is the Marine 1 wearing the woodland Camo pattern.

Modifications I can already see me making are additional rails to the sides of the helmet for torch and camera like the Marine in Blacks helmet and modified pistol holster for my G18C (Modified Halo pistol look). I'm looking at using Kryptek Mandrake as the camouflage pattern for both under armor and uniform but I may switch to Forest Green.

I have been custom building an E&L 47 AK for sometime now turning into a bullpup design using the suppressor similar in design to the HALO SMG's covering the full length of the Barrel. It has a modified M4 magazine housing and shortened M4 Mags. The sight will look the same as on the Assault rifles you see in the picture.

For the pistol I have gone for the M6C used during HALO 3 ODST. This is a modified G18C with full auto and body kit applied to look like the real thing. I'll be using the extended 50 BB Magazine for this.

I spend thousands on buying gear and equipment for Airsoft and to be fair have yet to find any load out that I love. So in making this I will solve this issue and at the same time save myself a lot of future costs in the process. I'll keep you up to date on the progress. I'll be using PETG for my filament and re-enforcing the insides of course so you can fall on the armor all you want.

I'll be starting on the helmet and rifle when I get on leave so will get some pictures posted as I progress.


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halo marines.jpg

TnG R1ckx

A huge tip from one 3d print fanatic to a future one: take it slow, and calibrate the thing first so it produces near-perfect surfaces. The higher the layer height the quicker it'll print, yeah, but smoothing will take double the time you saved by printing now.

PETG is a great choice for build material. It sands nicely and it is quite heat resistant for hot cars.

I wish you the best of luck on your build, and on your deployment. I'll be following this thread :)