405Th Based Monthy News Machinma

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hello there 405th members

**long story short, making a news machinima for the 405th source, might need body and voice actors not sure yet i just want to compile a list, if your interested post your gammertag if you want to body act, and post your user name if you can voice act. to body act u need XBL and halo 3.

but if you want details just keep reading :p

this is a message for any members who have Xboxlive and wish to help me and Xtreem Tactics 101 out with our machinma for the 405th source that we will be doing, so if you are interested here are the 2 things we will posibly need help with:

-we might need body actors (not sure yet but it would be great to know if you can help)

in order for us to put you on the list, we will need to know your gammer tag for xbox live, sadly if you do not have Xboxlive or a copy of the halo 3 multi player with the legendary map packs i am afraid you will be unable to help us

-and we might need voice actors at somepoint in the machinma.

and in order to do this job we will need you to have a mic for your computer and a program know as audacity, we will not be looking for voice actors untill a few episodes into the series

if you think you might be interested in helping out us than just post here or just PM me eather works

there also should be a teaser out by mid next week if all goes well, the teaser describes what it is about, what we will be doing, what is the perpous, and some other questions that you may ask us so if you absolutly cannot wait for an explanation to what it is about than ask and i guess i will post the answers

i will tell you tho it is a comedy style news show

so if you are indeed interested after that rather large and worded list post here!

here is the list so far:

Body actors


-Dark fang




- sdhoigt



-winged rising

-SSgt Aaron


for voice actors




EDIT: more info: I"m giving up on Alexspartan177's machinma, cause i dont have means of recording my voice. I'd like a body part please :) So yeah, as long as im just controlling someone, sign me up. I've always wanted to do machinima and this is an even better place to start off.

So yeah, Im waiting for direct command from the director. My gamertag is SSgt Aaron (Staff sergeant, people have a tendancy to think it's a typo for sergeant, though im alright with you calling me sergeant if you like it better)So yeah, I'll do anything concerning it. Here is the armor I have:

Helmets: Scout, MKV, Rogue, and Hayabusa

Chest: Scout, Hayabusa(with katana), and EOD

Shoulders: Security, and Hayabusa

Of course the default ones too. There might be some other ones that I'm forgetting, but you'll find out if I do.

Oh, and if I were to voice act, which I wont, my voice does that pitch changing thing.
im not finished my armor but i can be an online actor-{ not voice so probably mostley background] AND MY gt IS Goomerspartan10 hopefully i can help
i'll be a body, no problem. also, if you need a teenager's voice i could prolly do that too.

it'll just have to wait though until i get a gold card, which i first need to get 3 weeks of chore money before i can purchase.
This sounds like a great opportunity! Considering I'm not able to access xbox live with my satellite internet, and I've always wanted to make machinimas, I would love to do some voice acting. I'll need to get a better mic for my computer, but I can cross that bridge when I come to it. I'm ready to go as soon as you guys need me.
alright i shall update the list

**on a side note i have received a messages from a member asking "what do you mean by body acting"

what i mean by that is, when the need arises we will eather message you on the forums or on XBL telling you pretty much "hey we will be doing some of the filming on **** date at ** - ** time" than we will ask you to switch to a certain colour if necissary and we will than give you instructions on what we need you to do for the filming

this is not a permanet type of placement in the machinima, however we will make sure to mention you in the credets as eather "Body Actors" or "Special apperances" or something along thoes lines.

it is a spur of the moment type of invite, however you should be informed at least 2-7 days ahed of the film date, incase there is an issue or problem for set date with eather me, Xtreem Tactics, or our filmer

i just wanted to clear up any posible confusion in the situation

thank you :)

I will help out with this project however you need me too. Body actor, voice acting (though I've never done it before), just let me know. Gamertag is, you guessed it, Vaulter85
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