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Also, Freeform Friday. It's like casual friday, but for IG. Just post something cool :)


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Even better. A thread of posts [on friday] that carry some sort of story? :lol:
A Nonsensical story, Halo themed of course. Give the opportunity to draw/sketch/whatever an image to a new member each week, think like a really bad terrible version of sentence?

Although im sure PR might have a problem with that we could always do it on one of our threads


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For whenever you need another Throw Back Thursday.




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An update going into 2021: The Instagram and Twitter implementation this last year were both fantastic ideas and were utilized very well in the beginning inception months! However, I won't be slow to admit that I quickly fell off the wagon with the amount of content we wanted to roll out for it compared to the balance of making actual posts/interactions on it. That being said, going into this year I want to begin gauging interest into a specific role for our region in running said platforms! This will of course be a supported role by myself, MrJamin and Spidermonkey60. But we feel it would be best to delegate this than try and throw it on top of what we already are working on ourselves~!

We are planning to reduce from that Daily post structure to one to two posts a week for the sake of balance with outside life, and save for extra posts for things such as event reminders or special announcements! But again, I would love feedback from members of what they would truly like to see come from these platforms. Thank you in advance, everyone!
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