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I was wondering to an extent how they managed to place the foundation barriers for the screws within the resin mold?, or for that matter should a resin gun be created from a single mold or would it be easier to make it from different pieaces and joining them up later?
no clue what you just said... so your molding a gun out of resin and you want the mold to be resin??? naw make the mold silicon molding rubber from smoothon whatch adams ODST molding vid also. that is really helpfull
If I understand the question. It's usually better to break the weapon down into it's component pieces and them make your molds.

Here is one I did that has three pieces so it can be dis-assembled, the slide moves, etc.


Just be warned, it takes a lot more time and skill to make multi-part weapons than a single piece.
I think the original question still hasn't been answered.

As far as I can tell from the pictures I've seen, most every multipiece prop that is made by someone doesn't have an inside molded with screwholes and screw receivers. If a prop is broken down into a multi-part mold, only the outside gets detail, and the pieces are generally glued / epoxied together at the seams, then bondo'd and sanded down. When screws are more desired to hold a piece together, usually one side gets a screw hole drilled through it, and a receiver part is manually lined up and epoxied to the other side.

Hope this was what you were looking for.
Oh I finally understand the question now.

If you want to screw the two halves together, you must make the mold with a screw in it in one of the halves, or go to the home depot and buy a screw in piece, it's a small piece which you can epoxy or glue into plastic and it has the input for you to screw a certain sized screw into.

Molding the screw along with the piece may also work, then on the other half, you just drill a hole take out the scre, connect the two plastic pieces and screw them in, but then the screw not supposed to be there adds inaccurate detail. Hot glueing/bondo/epoxying guns seems the way to go, otherwise, you could carve the weapon from clay, plaster mold it, then make a solid resin cast of the inside....or hot glue fill the plaster mold, then th entire gun will be one piece.
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