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Discussion in 'Halo Props' started by ColdFireD96, Aug 28, 2018.

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    When I was doing my DMR build I used a lot of barge cement because I was laminating a lot of foam to build up the thickness. This used up quite a bit of my barge supply and since its expensive I was wondering if anyone has found alternative adhesives that compare. Has anyone tried a spray adhesive like super 77 or 76? I think it would help with attaching 2mm foam for detailing and laminating but I'm wondering if anyone has tried it?
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    I use Super 77 for XPS and woodworking almost exclusively, haven't tried it on EVA just because it get's everywhere and I'm too lazy to clean it up. LePage Heavy Duty Contact Adhesive is the best equivalent that I can find to Barge in Canada and it runs about half the price locally for similar size containers. Much like other contact adhesives, put it in a squeeze bottle or a sealed paint pot so that you don't have as much wastage and squeegee it out with foam scraps so that it's nice and thin (uses less, sets up quicker).

    For 2mm foam most of the time I'm super lazy and just use CA glue, a few small dots and spread out thin across the surface.
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    I've used Dap Weldwood contact adhesive in the past for LARP weapons, and it's held up to contact (granted, in games that do light boffer combat only; I've never played a Dag game). I don't know how well that might work for you, or if it's available in your area, but I've been able to find it at my local Home Depot

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