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hi iknow this is an incomveince to some but... i was just wondering the amount of silicone and plastic i need to make two castings and one mold of a helm???
I dont know because im using pepakura. Not to be rude,But you cant just make a cast of that helm its too small. I think you ought to go with another design.
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Find the answer, then if there is no answer pm someone that would know from reading of forums. Stop posting all you questions as in topics ya know?

each molding and material is different and so is each model, you might just have to experiment.
300 dollars worth.

You could try my idea and spend 30 dollars, melt down hot glue sticks, and mold the helmet that way, then from the next step your on your own. Unless you want to plaster mold the helmet for 15 bucks, then hot glue the inside and have a hot glue helmet....
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