Andersson's first pep [MKVI Helmet][PICS] :)


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So I've done my first ever pep (first ever art-and-crafts thing really). I want to make an entire suit but seeing how long this helmet took, that's gonna take at least a year! I'm really lazy :/
I sometimes had problems getting the numbers aligned just right and the paper got a bit bendy and distorted, but after everything was put together I thought it looked decent enough. There are a few cracks here and there though :(
I used 160g paper and hot glue. Started from the top and went to the back. I did the jaw+visor separately and glued those two pieces together in the end.

Anyway, here are some pics!


How it looks from the front (durrrr)
I put in the paper for where the plungers/tubes/thingeys are gonna be, because that would've been such a pain and I'm really lazy ^^


Le side view


I think I scaled it wrong... damn it...


My paint-skills are rivaled by no one! :cool

What do you think about my extremely average pep? :)
Is it worth continuing with or will it look bad? Could it look great if I spend loads of time with the bondo+sanding part?
I'm most definitely gonna make a handplate or something next and do the hardening on that before I continue with the helmet, to learn so nothing will go wrong :)


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I think it looks good. This is the same model that I used and even though it didnt have as many details as some of the other models it turned out alright. As far as the scale goes I can't really tell if its right because its not on your head xD

Mine was scaled at 265 mm tall and that worked out for me. :)


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Thanks :)
I was just joking about the scaling, but you saying yours is 265mm tall got me a bit worried cause mine's 255mm :s
Here's a pic of me wearing it:

The "chin" of the helmet fits right under my chin, but I suppose one cm more wouldn't hurt. In the picture it looks extremely small, but there's actually a lot of room in it. The problem is getting in, but the opening can be widened later so I don't think that's gonna be a problem.
Note to self: Don't try to take a picture of yourself with the helmet on... you can't see with paper in front of your eyes, stupid!

Ps. Your build looks great :D


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I always scale mine at 270mm but for someone else I scale them at 290mm ( for universal fit ) if you scale the helmet too small the helmet opening will get even smaller. BTW your pep helmet looks good.


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Kinda worried! It didn't feel tight at all when I was inside it (that's what I said teehee).
Ah well, we'll see how it turns out! On the plus side I might need a lot of padding inside ;D


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The thing to remember is, you usually do want to put padding inside it! Your head isn't meant to touch the very top of the helmet technically, and it'd be overall more comfortable to wear it padded, and safer if you aren't doing a mold casting. If it barely fits now, it is probably meant to be a bit bigger.

The pep work looks good though!

I have to use 318 as my scale... I have a very large head.


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I tried it on again. I'd say I could fit about 2cm of air between the top of my head and my helmet. I can definitely shove my head forwards, back and to the side enough for padding. Would 2cm (close to an inch) be enough? :(
Weird, thought I had a really big head

Edit: This is the way I scaled it I think (long time ago). I'm ~69 inches, so according to that tutorial it should be alright


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Pep looks great. Sizing sounds good, it will give you room for light padding but not much. It will all depend on how you harden it, IE cloth-resin, Rondo etc. I myself made mine 2 inches bigger for padding, lighting and air flow.


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Oh yeah, I forgot about hardening... if you're going to plastic cast it you might be fine, but if you want a solid helmet that won't break (but are not casting it) you are going to need even more room inside for the rondo/fiberglass. Mine is about 1-4cm thick depending on which part of the helmet it is. So that is something to consider too, as thorn has pointed out.

Your scaling may work, it's impossible for any of us to say for sure, it's a judgement call for you to make. You can just continue forth with this one, and if it turns out to be too small, then you'll have had the experience of making a test run first, so your second one will be that much better.


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You will need some room for because the opening is smaller than the inside and you don't want to lose your ears over it. I think the helmet that need tight fit is the ironman helmet.


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Hey I wouldnt worry about what people scaled their helmets at -- Also I think that the people saying they scaled theirs at 290 mm and 319 mm did not do mark 6 helmet. I did some research on mark 6 helmet sizing on the 405th and the general size was 250-270 ( 265 was the most commonly used size.)

But honestly, if it fits then it fits!!

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The easiest way, the most fool proof way of scaling your armor is to measure the body part it is for.
Eg: If you are pepping a helm, measure from the bottom of your chin to the tip of your head, then convert your result to mm as that is what peps are scaled in. For pieces like helmets where additional room (inside) is needed, I add 2 inches to the overall measure. Some parts do not need this extra room, use discression.

Looking goid, nice clean pep work!