Another Halo Armor Example. Awesome

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Its amazing that it's just posterboard and it held up that well.

Does anybody know who this guy is, or tried to contact him? It's be sweet to hear more about how he did this, where the 3-D model came from, and what programs he used to break it down into patterns.
while searching for the guy above I found this.
OMFG. Thats a good paper spartan if I ever saw one.

$40? 2 weeks time?

I want to give this guy a medal, even if it's a little rough around the edges, its amazing that he did it with just paper mache!
i saw some comments saying something like "the funny thing is, i think he bought that needler on ebay. i saw silimar one up for bid a little while ago." :lol: hmmm....

any, i've been tellin him to join here. maybe if i nag him some more...
This is a bit of a grave robbing, but it seemed better to use this thread than bust out a new one on the same subject.

Alot of people where asking about the program used to unwrap the model so that you could use it for scaling, base designs, etc.

I dont know if people'll find it useful or particularlly important, but some seemed to express interest in it, and since i was en-process of making the base designs of my group's armor, and we where following that setup, it seemed prudent to see if you guys would be interested in checking out the unwraps we've made off a MC model we found online.

It's pretty rough, as it flattens all the polys in the model, so there's lots of excess tidbits that compose the shape, but arent critical to the design.
If nothing else, you could get what the sections of your design builds should look like from this, and go from there. I just hope it's helpful ;)
If you guys display interest and think this stuff is genuenly helpful, i'd be willing to post more as i get it unwrapped.
Note: i didnt make the model, i found it online and am just doing the unwrapping so that we can make our base builds.

All we've got done unwrapping at the moment is the Helmet, which is the linked file. I left the visor out of the unwrap, as i figured you guys could figure that out yourselves ;)

Also, this is my first post here, really enjoy the site and these forums. I hope we can get some awsome stuff going :D

(warning, massive res image)

Lemme know if it's useful!
we need to take that picture and figure out what connects to what.... welcome to the site!!!!!!!!!
Well, as said, this is right off the model itself, so every polygon that's in the head is on that UV map. That said, only the bigger peices are really important.
I'll work on a base, non-scaled design so i can get the lines coreographed for everyone else.
Heh, by the end, it'd actually be pretty cool to have a little paper MC to sit on my desk :p
Thanks for all that useful information... if the colours are on that map, they could be used for paint reference; otherwise, I think this is going to be the beginning of a very accurate future ;-)
I'm currently debating just staying in this thread till the project develops further, or if i should go ahead and make my own.

Either way: between the joys of Christmas rush, i've been working on coloring the unwrap for the sake of being able to figure out where the crap everything fits, and so far it's going well.

Next i'm gunna go about printing it to paper, and assembling a mini-Halo Helmet to assure that the peices didnt distort when i flattened the model out, from there We're going to start unwrapping the other peices, and moving the helmet to clay for casting later, and detailing and texturing to precede that.
(It seems that i've snagged the attention of some people here. I'll try to make everyone proud as i work on this :) )
holy sh!t that is amazing armor that guy did does anyone know what he made it with? if so PM!! plz i would be oh so very grateful. i want to make this armor so bad
the other armor is mine its mostly made out of fiberglass and plastic casting resin
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