Hello all. Coming back to this forum cuz you guys are nice and helpful. As you could tell from the title I'm making a ranger veteran costume and I figured I could show you guys my progress. Any tips, pointers, advice, and suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Right now I'm working on the helmet, hopefully I'll be able to start the coat soon. Also if it's all jumbled, I'm posting on my phone so my apologies.
Lights and stuff
And good music.
I'm using epoxy resin right now, which is why the bucket is so shiny. It's working well so far and it's not as toxic as the other stuff. My workspace is limited so I have to think about those things. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get fiberglass to work with the epoxy or if it's even necessary. I'm sure it would help but they might not be compatible.

Thanks for any input.
I started applying the resin to the facemask (with a makeshift stand so it doesn't fuse with the cardboard) and it's going smoothly. Still not sure what to do about the lenses as I've never gotten this far.
The helmet is coming along nicely, though there is a part where the paper is coming through. I'll probably just patch it with a thicker layer of Bondo
Also the breastplate and arm/hand guards here. Again, not sure if I should affix them to a shirt or try and make it a standalone piece and just use straps to keep it in place.

If you have any advice it would be much appreciated and thanks for stopping by.
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