Any models for the new armor and helmets from Halo infinite?


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I was planning on 3d printing a helmet for myself and potentially a few friends, and I know how to get the files for the one I want. One friend I have though, he likes the enigma helmet from Halo infinite.
From what research I've done I know that we don't currently have a reliable way to rip the 3d files from the game, regardless of whatever legality that is. So I was wondering if anyone knew of someone working on creating models for the new armor and helmets in Halo infinite, or if there is any reliable modellers one could commission for a quality model of the new helmets and armor?

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In terms of 3d printing I'm sure that we will see more helmet files come out as time goes on. I believe there is a set of fully printable Mark VII armor by MoeSizzlac coming soon that was modelled by 405th members (non commercial only)


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So far there's three of the Mk VII Core helmets up on the Free Model Index and as more people start working on Infinite projects that collection will grow.
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