Anyone here really good with armorsmith scaling and slicing up for 3d printing?


I'm trying to scale MoeSizzlac's Mark 6 armor to myself, and Im really struggling with getting everything to look good in armorsmith.

I'm curious if there's anyone here that knows how to do it really well and can give me some advice.

I've also never sliced anything up to fit on my print bed, so any pointers there would be great.


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Thanks for the ping Zach 009, not sure if I qualify as knowing how to do it "really well" but I can definitely get by.

JTF4 probably the most important step is making sure that your Armorsmith avatar is correctly scaled, the newest update threw a bunch of older avatars out of whack so there might be some things acting weird if old measurements haven't been updated. As for scaling to make armour look good Moe's files are sized for a pretty average sized person of around 175cm tall and about 75kg to give a baseline. If you're taller/shorter or heavier/lighter some adjustments with the non-uniform scale will likely need to be made for good fit and depending on how hard you pull one direction certain things might start to look a bit funny. Just remember overall that you're building with a rigid material that's going to limit motion and dig into squishy human bits leaving nasty bruises if you don't leave room for gaskets at padding so add a little bit of extra space.

As for splitting up a file, 3D Builder (a free tool in Windows 10) is a good option for using plane cuts and making sure everything is printable. Meshmixer is another good option but it's becoming a little bit more difficult to install since Autodesk seems to be burying that software for some reason. Depending on the size of your printer there's a few folks around here that have printed that set and may have old files prepped and ready to go.


Sweet! Thanks for the advice!

I may print a test price from his Pre cut up armor.

I’m 190lbs and about 6’ 4”. The only problem that I may run into is the legs.
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