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Hello people :D. What do you thing about making Ezio's bracer? And I mean professional replica with first class italian leather, metal mechanism box and so on. I'm working on plans for inner and outer bracer + mentioned mechanism box (prabobly with working hidden blade system) and (maybe) pistol

My bracer will be based on concept arts, not in game footage so I think it's something different. I want to ask you guys what do you think about the idea? I wish I could sell few of them on ebay but... would anyone be interested? How much can in be worth?

ahh and forgive me my english :)
I drew up some Plans for the Outside of the Hidden Blade, not the Mech. (I was going to try to mold it, but I gave up) I'll try to get the scanned...and I'll post em up
Ive alway wanted to do an Assassin's Creed thing. I have hand drawn plans on how a workable one could be made. And some Ideas.
Well... I see there is some competition :D. What I have is plans made in photoshop and some materials for prototype. I'm going to start sculpting next week
Oh, I almost forgot!. These are My older Idea's on how to make the hidden blade work. I've Since Moved On to better and more reliable system.

Oldest Version:

Previous Version:
Actually... I have plans of working hidden blade mechanism. On/off by wrist/hand movement without any "gravity" based moves like on many movies on youtube ^^'. Oh but the bad thing is that there's a tine attachd to finger like in the first AC :p
Can u do somethng for me guys? Can you measure forearm in selected places just like in the picture and send my PM with your dimensions?

<img src=>
in the newest assassins creed they actually have a diagram of the hidden blade, i am looking at making my own atm but will depend heavily on costs
i have the diagram just gotta scan it, whenevs i have a chance. I was thinking of making it with a aluminium outer casing, in which the blade guide rail will be housed. when the diagrams up you will sort of get the idea. sorry bout the late reply, just couldnt find this post again :p


two diagrams for you guys.

one possible way for the blade to stay in place would be to have a slight lip on the end of the rail, where once the rail is extended it catches on the lip. when you wish to retract flicking the wrist would lift it from the lip and it would return back in via a tension spring. Not sure if anyone else has thought of this or not
I actually did an old sketch and design of the original one a long time ago when nobody knew as much about it.

It uses a spring to push it back in but its only powerful enough for the blase not to fall out, so its easy to pull up with the keyring. You guys could use this if you want.
I see you ideas, and i think its really good. I havnt watched the videos yet cuz my Internet is bit tired, but this thread gave me an idea what im gonna make next. thanks to all :)
Nice, I updated my desighn to have a double system, and the internals are based on the concept art of the design, but it werks.
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