Props Assault Rifle kit project w/sound and display


Where can I buy his electronics kit, I want to make my DMR have one!
I won't directly link to his store (I think that is against the rules of these forums), but you can send him a message. Here is a link to his profile:

thatdecade seems to be the electronic expert as i look through the fourms, maybe send him a pm and see if you two could work out a deal. -- Seen on page 1
He is the pro around these parts. I endorse him 100%.

Found a link on page 1 to an electronics websight selling the kit, Thanks for the response tho :D
Hmmm. Make sure you are talking about the right kit- thatdecade has his own store site, but its usually under construction :D

The sound kit I used was purchased from this website:

The software to program it is free, but it takes some practice to use. The speaker is also not the greatest, but for $15 it's great to tinker with.

Can u send me it :D? All i need now is the assault rifle cant find one anywhere nor ones i could build with foam. Would rather pay for one then make a junky foam.
When you become an infantryman after enough time on this site you'll gain access to the classifieds, and sometimes you'll find a member selling or trading what you are looking for. You're not that level yet, so you'll have to wait.

I purchased my AR casting from JUSTINIAN. He had some available recently, but that may not be the case now. Shoot him a message- you never know.

Did you say this was a kit you ordered off somebody? I need a weapon or a good tutorial how to make a foam one. Gratz it looks amazing! love the led ammo display!
Thanks for your interest in this project- I thoroughly enjoyed combining their hard work into something greater than it was before :)


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Okay sounds good to be, just new thats all hope i dont run into trouble learning how to use this forum. First forum ever :D