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Back in the saddle - foam armour for my kids

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Jme, May 4, 2017.

  1. Jme


    You would need to talk to my wife first...
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  2. Jme


    Oh yeah man. That’s what makes it like armour. It not only provides a good surface for the paint to adhere to but it gives it a hard shell and helps fill in gaps (when you dont have the glyenlettung gonthat is).

    Previously I did a couple of glue wash coats before the poly but not this time in the interest of time.
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  3. Jme


    Glyenlettung gonthat?

    Ummmm, I can’t even....

    Pretty sure I had typed “glue letting go”


    Yes, I did have a respirator on.
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  4. Dirtdives


    Then I think it's time to change the filter..... confused-smiley-face-clip-art-161492.png
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  5. PaiganBoi


    I'm not really well versed with polyurethane. Are there different types or a certain brand that you use? I would like to try this hardening method on maybe a future prop or armour piece
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  6. Jme


    I bought my first cans at a dollar store near my office, just basic spray polyeurethane. Canadian Tire didn't have the same brand when I went for an emergency refill so I bought Varathane.

    The method was developed by Evakura. Here is a link to his original post: FOAM Builders! New hardening technique - Alternative to Plasti-dip and PVA!

    I PMd Evakura and discussed the method with him. He said that he found that if the polyeurethane is used on a piece that moves or is under stress, that it may crack and suggested using a coat of Plasti-Dip over the poly. I took this one step further and did the whole armour with a good coat of plasti. Results were very good on my Spartan armour (no issues at all) and on my daughter's Jyn Erso chest piece from last year.

    I would just use whatever is the cheapest poly you can find as the whole idea is to cut the cost. Also, it will be covered with Plasti-dip and paint...
  7. Aya

    Aya New Member

    i come very close to having a melt down whenever i see parents making cosplays for their kids , that's just amazing and so soooo adorable
    there should be a special reward for you people ;)
    plus the armors look amazing
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  8. Jme


    Thanks Aya,

    Truth is I have an awesome time making them.

    Although the hugs I get from the girls are pretty good too!
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  9. Dirtdives


    That and the bragging rights......"My kids handmade costumes kicks your store bought costume's ass!!!!! So stick that in your pipe and smoke it!"
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  10. Jme


    So very true.
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  11. Jme


    Priming is done!

    Unlike PaganBoi, I don’t have the patience to hand paint two sets of armour so it’s spray cans for me!

    Back to the clothesline


    I also created a very sophisticated drying/storage rack in bike storage area.

    8B9B95AE-1267-4171-86C1-DAAF87101777.jpeg C95B8705-BDBC-445A-ACB2-15F0AB07F837.jpeg

    Last night I made the padding for the helmets. Inspired by Dirtdives’ helmet liner I created my own from the end pieces of the foam pads. It should allow for good air flow and is fitted to each of the girls.

    CD1F6554-EC5A-4B13-889A-111A100AA755.jpeg 6F4C076D-EC9E-422F-976F-BB405EA6D7C6.jpeg

    I also had time to prime my awesome MA5D made for me by Kaween. This year I will have a proper spartan weapon. Mwahaaahaaa


    Now off to Canadian Tire to let the girls pick their colours before dance class...
  12. PaiganBoi


    Nice. I like the assembly clothesline.
    I too have to insert an endbit liner for the helmet.
  13. Jme


    Super simple and cost effective!
  14. Dirtdives


    That is a lot of clamps........now as far as the liner in the helmet, thanks for the props but people were doing this long before me and even PaiganBoi posted a YouTube video about it.....I would suggest getting either some craft foam or upholstery foam to cover the back side of the EVA. Its it's not a comfortable feeling having that rough surface scratching you head or face after a few hours. Also you have your MA5D hanging on the trigger......Not somewhere you want to put a lot of weight on......even though its a 3D print piece.....
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  15. Jme


    Yeah, switched the MA5D to the back grip as soon as it was dry enough.

    The clamps cost a whopping $3 at the dollar store.

    Good thinking on lining the EVA with craft foam.

    While I know that people were using helmet liners before you (the 501st guys have been doing it for eons), your use of it reminded me of it, so props anyway!
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  16. Dirtdives


    Cool beans dude!! Thanks.
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  17. Jme


    The kids picked their colours last night, painting is ON for this weekend!
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  18. PaiganBoi


    What are the colours? Or are you keeping us in suspense until the reveal?
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  19. Jme


    What is life without surprises?
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  20. Dirtdives


    A finished suit.......? :D
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  21. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    So I guess ill insert my periodical "thatta boy" here.....
    Lol sorry I know you posted that somewhere once and something about it just stuck.
    Anyway these are turning out great anxious for the big color reveal
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  22. Jme


    Base coats are done!

    And the colours are....


    A bright green for my youngest and a light blue for the eldest.

    Painting went pretty well. I was a little worried on the first coat as the coverage wasn’t good but I remembered having this same initial problem with my armour.


    I wound up doing three coats to each set.


    I also painted the gloves. I decided instead of making hand armour to buy kids motocross gloves from Chinese ebay (like $3 a pair) and paint the glove armour. I think they turned out great.


    Tomorrow morning I will do the black/dirt wash and hopefully later tomorrow afternoon the metallic highlights.

    Then it is padding/strapping, visors and fans for the helmets (which are super easy) and I am done!

    No weapons for the kids for now as school won’t allow them and they won’t need them Halloween night.

    But I am already planning on boots and weapons for Toronto Comic Con/Fan Expo 2018.

    Fireteam Sierra is almost ready!

  23. PaiganBoi


    The colours look great. Nice and clean. Your idea of using motorcross gloves and painting to match is genius.
    We must be communicating telepathically. I decided to do the exact same thing withe my son's boots and weapon for FanExpo next year as well. (y):D
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  24. Jme



    For sure we are communicating on a telepathic level. Probably our AIs have used our neural interfaces to speed up things.

    Or something.
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  25. Jme


    BD0C81F6-F27B-4F49-92E7-33C757590897.jpeg Lots of tape. But damn, where’s my hammered metal paint!

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