Back in the saddle - foam armour for my kids

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  1. PaiganBoi


    *shivers down spine* ugh. Masking that must have sucked.
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  2. Jme


    A bit, but did it while watching Supergirl with the young Spartans.
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  3. Jme


    Painting is done!

    Sadly I couldn’t take many photos as it got dark and I have to get dinner going.


    The area around the neck looks really odd in the photos but very cool in person.


    I will probably be doing a test fit for padding on Tuesday so will take more photos then. I should also have the visors done then too.
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  4. PaiganBoi


    Looking good. I really like how you got the paint chipping and scratches to look natural.
    My weathering skills need some work.
    I just started with black washing the arm parts and I may have gotten carried away.
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  5. Jme


    Thanks I love doing the weathering.

    Use cloth to wipe away and dab parts. If you put too much on just wipe the excess away. You can dab the paint with the cloth to even it out.

    When putting the metallic on I often use the side of the brush to just get the high points. I like being able to use the metallic to actually highlight mistakes in the foaming process to make them look like damage.
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  6. Dirtdives


    Jme Super cool man!!! You might get the effect your looking for w/ an Antique Pewter color by Rust-Oleum.


    The pieces will look something like this:

    IMG_0329.JPG IMG_0330.JPG
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  7. Jme


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  8. Dirtdives


    Happy to help.....
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  9. PaiganBoi


    Ditto for me. Will have to pick some of this up as well.
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  10. Jme


    Test fit!

    Okay, things I know.

    The shoulder pauldrons are too big. I am going to cut off about an inch at the bottom of each. I also need to cut out more on the inside so that they can move their arms more. And I need to figure a way to attach the shoulder to the chest so that it doesnt fall down.

    The thighs appear too small in the photos. They aren’t in person, they fit perfectly. So well in fact that they don’t need to be strapped.

    The shins appear way too big, but aren’t in person. I am going to have to cut them and add Velcro so that they can get their foot in with the padding. I may, may cut some out of the the shin. The shins also are short but that is to accommodate boots eventually.

    I have figured out the padding and am using kitchen sponges from the dollar store.

    No Spartan diapers so that they can move and sit.

  11. Jme


    Looks like a murder scene

  12. PaiganBoi


    So, you are using dish sponges as a filler to help the parts more snug? Brilliant! I have to steal that idea.
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  13. Jme


    Six pack at Dollarama for $1.50

    I bought eight packs.
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  14. Jme


    So after staring at it for the last couple if hours, I have decided to cut a section out of the back of each shin to make them smaller.

    I have to cut them to add Velcro in any event so I may as well do a little extra surgery.

    But that is a job for tomorrow.
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  15. Dirtdives


    Prep the OR!!! We need a foam surgeon......S.T.A.T.!!!
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  16. Jme


    I swear they just happened to be sitting on the bed like this.

  17. Dirtdives


    Little ducks all in a row........
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  18. PaiganBoi


    3 Spartans... what are you calling your fire team?
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  19. Dirtdives


    Fire team Duck?
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  20. Jme


    Last name is Stuart so I was thinking Sierra with a Lion Rampant as our sigil (which also happens rot be in my family crest).

    Playroom/shop is a little cluttered from strapping/padding.

    You can also see that I have the base coats done on my rifle, just need to do some weathering.

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  21. Jme


  22. PaiganBoi


    You have a family crest????? Fancy.
    Dirtdives would you happen to have a family crest?
  23. Dirtdives


    Actually daughter drew one up a bout 2 years ago w/ a family slogan; "You're all just short to us". I have to find the pic of it for you.
  24. Jme



    I have also decided on my next project (besides boots and new shins for the kids).

    Mandalorian Legacy armour

    Kind of like this


    But with a colour scheme like this


    It should be interesting as it is a whole new building technique using Sintra (a type of pvc board that you cut and shape). The main build will probably be through The Mandalorian Mercs with a non-halo build thread here.

    The idea is that if we go to Fan Expo or ComicCon we can be Fireteam Sierra one day and do Star Wars Cosplay the other (with the girls in last years’s costumes or even pull out the jawas and I as a Mando).

    In case you forgot

    Last year



  25. Jme



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