Best Needler Ever...

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Can you guys post some pics for me please? This cat used real quartz crystals in his...I would like to see a better one. Thanks!

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Wasn't Link involved with this one?

I think I remember him saying that it belonged to one of his friends.... the guy he made this suit for:

The kid's name was Frank, I believe. And that pic is definitely him. He wore that armor to a local club one Halloween night and won a grand, if my memory serves me correctly. I wasn't aware that he was Link's buddy, but that's cool...small world! Is he on the forums here, by chance? If not, he should be. He put a lot of work into that needler and I am sure many people could benefit from his know-how. I just loved the idea of using real crystals in that prop and it looks great lit up. I have yet to see a better one.
His needler is very nice. I actually think Link made it for him correct? Don't hold me to it, but I remember it from awhile ago also.

Looks so nice it makes me want to make one myself :p.


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Yeah, its good looking for a tough weapon to make.....

there is room for improvement, but then again, there is ALWAYS room for improvement on ANYTHING.

god....isnt life great?
SPaRtaN-1I7 said:
I reckon westerfield's needler..The front is to blocky (square?) and it sticks out a little to much

Nah, Rob's(Westerfield) needler is a bit more of a Shell and not quite as accurate as this. I do not believe this is Robs :p.

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I shot the guy that made this an email. It was almost two years ago that I last spoke to him, but I invited him to the forum (and this thread specifically) in hopes that he can share some info with the community.
I got in touch with Frank and he is going to join the forums here. He is the guy that made that 9' tall Gold Elite Costume that was featured on recently. He was happy that there was still interest in his Needler, as well.
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