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I played for about 6 hours last night, and missed out on sleep. So that must say something good.

At first I was upset, because the beta isn't working with VGA. The menus look great, but the game gets stuck in 4:3 mode, and looks like utter crap. Once i replaced it with good old component, it went to normal, and looks good. I wouldn't say it is a HUGE improvement over Halo 2, but it is a pretty decent improvement graphics wise.

So far, I love the new game types. They redid territories so that it's offense, and defense, and once you capture it, it stays captured. Much better than that FFA stuff in Halo2.

Utterly worthless. You can detonate 3 grenades right next to someone and they'll walk away pretty much untouched. You have to stick them to have it even matter. But I love the way the plasma grenades look now.

Seems like all the weapons were toned down. It's pretty hard to kill someone with a rocket launcher all of a sudden. The sniper rifle has a longer delay between bullets, and the shotgun actually requires reloading. (i never ran out of bullets in H2 really)

The spartan laser is pretty unbalanced from what i see. Although I said the same thing about the sword at first.

I can never tell if I have it or not, it's just not easy enough to see I guess. I'll accidentally deploy something I didn't know i had, quite a bit.

Anyways, I like it, but I'm not blown away like I was with Halo 2. Great thing is, everything controls like Halo 2, with a slight difference in grenade throws. Oh, and don't melee someone unless you are touching them, because you'll miss. You'll find youself chasing people for 5 minutes meleeing like a mad man, and hitting nothing.
sounds like fun but i wish i could have missed sleep over halo 3 you jerk :evil: :evil: (btw whats ur account) i cant wait to attempt to beat you down in halo 3
sniper reaches across the whole map, pp stops a warthog temporarily when fully charged shot hits I know a couple people that got in via friends and family this is coming from second in command of my clan, and he is usually unbiased
PP shot will temp disable any vehicle if you fire at it... even says so under the tips section while you're waiting for a game to start.

Beam rifle is far less accurate on a moving target. Which I think is a good thing.
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