Bikelomens Papakura armor

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Alright finally decided to put A few pics up. Not a lot done but only been working on it about 2 weeks so far. All the other items are in milkshake mode right now (mixture of bondo and glass) drying so they can be sanded. Only item not folded yet is chest. For all you starting out there IMO do not use hot glue to connect your pieces. Hot glue tends to release sometimes when the resin hits it. I know some have used it but I have had trouble with it. I use Tacky craft glue. You can get it at Walmart. Hope the pictures load. Armor is resined with non waxed polyester to start outside. Then another coat is applied inside. I then spray the entire interior with spray adhesive then line it with stripes of fiberglass mat. I then apply one - two coats of resin. I then mix a mixture of 1 part bondo (body filler) to one part resin (polyester) to correct ratio of wax and catalyst. I the pour and paint the mixture on the outside and cover all parts of the unit. Then break out the sander and detail. The Helm is not done yet. I still have the liner and shield on order and just got the LED's It also needs another finish coat inside. The paper armor does not have the detail as the normal armor but I think its turning out pretty sweet. I am also using the gun shown below. I wish to modify it a bit to look like the battle rifle but I dont think it will look just like it. Oh well. Still will be a kick butt Halloween costume though. I have also listed a picture below to show the underarmor I am using up top. Still deciding on the pants.







A lot of good pepakura stuff has been coming in lately. This is no exception ;)
Nice work, man.
Looking really good!

Where did you find that body armor ? That looks perfect!

Also the gun, where did you find that ?

Keep postin pics!
Body armor was from Ebay Express for $47. Gun was from Ebay. $45 and it shoots at 350 fps :eek:

Body armor is Nemeses for ATV, Moto x etc. Sells retail for about $80.
Wow, that is some really nice looking armor, the helmet is great. If I didn't know about the Pepakura method, I would have no way of guessing its base was just folded paper. Very impressive!
Here we go almost the finished product. Still have to adjust how the parts fit and trim some straps this is the first fitting. I know the thighs are riding to high and the crotch piece is not fit right. The first crotch piece was way to small. This one is a tad large. Oh well. The Pap armor is not excact as far as detail anyway. Just a really cool costume. My son likes it. He is going as an army guy fully decked out in fatigues and a vest. I was going to make him an armor outfit but its a bit hard to move in this thing and he really likes to run around on Halloween. The helm has four LED's that were so bright when we took pics it drowned out the camera. Aslo the helm has two fans inside and full padding. IT fits so well no straps are needed to fit the helm.


Oh crap, nice armor, how many coats of resin did you use inside/outside?

And how did you paint yours? paint looks very good.
I used two coats on the outside. Then I sprayed spray adhesive on the inside to hold the fiberglass mat and then applied two coats of resin followed by a coat of cloth then resin. I then mixed 1 part bondo to one part resin and made a milkshake and coated the outside of the part. This mixture self levels and only requires a little sanding. This thing is as tough as it gets. Probobly hit it with a baseball bat and it wouldnt hurt it. I painted it by using the Tut I saw on here. It is black flat primer followed by American Accents Oregeno Satin finish (I found it at Lowes Hardware Store) Then take black primer again and spray it then rub it with a cloth. Gives it a fatigued finish. Then take Hammered silver finish spray paint (hammerite) and spray the end of a paint brush and apply lightly where you want the damage to be. Makes it look like worn metal.
I bought these which are paint ball gloves. I then painted them the same way I painted the armor. I was going to make the hand pieces but I liked these better. Not really authentic but they look good I think.

I might buy those gloves or something similar, they go look good, and with a gantlet on, it might look good too, not sure.
Cant remember if I hit the right button so i did not double post. Just wanted to let you all know I went to Rain Night club here in LAs Vegas for a costume party and contest. Check out the photos. I estimate I took about 300+ pictures with people. At one point I went outside and had a line formed to take there photos with me. It was a total celebrity moment. I could not believe how many people wanted there photo with me. I was there for 4 hours and had pictures taken with people the whole time. It was the most fun I have had in a long time. AS I was walking around all I heard was cries from people yelling HEY MASTER CHIEF!!! can we get our picture with you? Took me 30 minutes just to walk out of the club. First time in my life I won a big Check LOL



2 Grand? Nice ;)

Great job on the armor, I hadn't heard of the bondo/resin thing. Too bad I already bondoed part of my helm.
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