Billbill’s Spartan III Build (3D Print)


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Hey all!

I figure I should probably keep you all in the know on my current project. I’ve been dabbling with Pepakura and Foam builds but never really got anywhere unfortunately. However since getting a 3D printer my build has finally started taking shape.
Using Moesizzlac’s Noble Six files I’m starting out with a default Noble Six build.

I used ABS plastic on my sender 3 to start but since I didn’t have an enclosure many of the pieces warped, causing many gaps I had to fill with Wood Putty. After much sanding and trial and error I was able to get it to a more usable state, and put on the first coat of sandable primer.

Onto the painting, I straight up had no idea what I was doing, but I wanted to use a silver base coat so I could scratch off the outer layer and show the “metal” beneath. Then I applied a black coat, but it was much to dark. I kept messing with the amounts and probably put way to many layers, including an extra layer off primer after sanding it all mostly off at one point. But finally I got it roughly how I want it.

I’ll be sure to post more as I go. Thanks everyone who’s ever posted their builds they’ve been so helpful in figuring it all out!