Bluerealm - Done With My Armor....

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its so beautiful that if i hadn't drooled myself to dehydration, i'd weep at its beauty! way to up the bar there! your suit is the reason i'm taking so much damn time getting my preperation done for my suit, the attention to detail is mind boggling! did this project not drive you the littlest bit crazy whilst trying to get your sculpts done?

also, will you marry me? :p


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The clay sculptures he mad to make the molds of the Armour was made on molds of his body parts, so I would guess if not, almost perfectly. Btw, Still an ispiration Bluerealm. :D


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If you have a look at some of his test movement videos you will be able to see his armour is MUCH more maneuverable than most.


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That's because it's (as far as I can tell) perfectly fitted to his frame, so to him it's like a second skin and thus, able to be more maneuverable in most facets of walking and sitting and kneeling.

Correct me if I'm wrong.


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I am absolutaly amazed! I thought your pictures were straight from the game for a minute! What Im the most impressed by has to be the undersuit. Very pro looking. You did a wicked awesome job boyo!

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Wow. I can still remember the day I first saw some of your work. The post was a million pages long, and all we had was the helmet with a paper towel roll as the stand. Oh, the good ol' days. Y'know, when I first joined, we didn't HAVE pepakura. We made everything from cardboard. And we had to WALK to the flag, we didn't have any newfangled WETA warthog props [/rambles]

In all seriousness, excellent work, your work will never cease to amaze anyone :]


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Wow... all i can say is WOW!!! i am a 100% noob to this community, but i am excited to put in an attept to try to build some halo armor! i wana start with spartons, add my own little paint pattern, mabye a battle symbol. if i get good ill try to make some eilete armor. ANYWAY, back to your armor.

i have NEVER seen such perfect halo armor in my LIFE! i hope to see this set in person someday:
Did you put lights in the helmet??

i have to say, if i saw you walkking down the street in that and didnt get a chance to touch it, all youd need to look totally sparton would be a good old fashoined pelican to swoop the street. XD mabye a couple of hornets for good measure.... :cool:
i hope to someday be able to make some armor HALF as good. :rolleyes


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Ok I know this kinda hasn't been posted to in a while. I did have a question, which I figured was worth posting.
What material or materials did you use in the under armour. The castings look unreal, but the under armour looks as good as I have ever seen.
If there is a process you used please do share. :D
Never mind I answered my own question lol
The undersuit is made of upholstery leather and custom molded rubber pieces along with some nylon and padding. The parts are custom so everything you see was sewn or molded.

Did you use latex for the rubber or something else. I am still reading everything and trying not to drool all over my keyboard.


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I think we have an official zombie thread here. It's been necroed so many times. Just goes to show how good the work is.


He's a new member so probably only just seen this ....good to see he's going through the older posts though maybe busy reading up and researching.
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