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So I was in the source of evil known as wal-mart... to get supplies for my suit, and they had a big poster of MC that made me stop to look at it. Anyways, I noticed that on the inside of his legs and other places, his suit under his armor has like "plated" detailing (if you know what I mean). After looking at the poster to use as a reference pic, I walked past the fabrics/craft section and took notice of these thin sheets of foam by "Foamies" or something to that extent. Then it hit me. This stuff would be great to use as the plate detailing on the insides of the legs and what-not. If you were to take the sheets, cut them into the right shapes, then lap them on top of one another, then attach them somehow to your clothing under your armor, it would be a close representation to the "real" MC suit under his armor. On the plus side, they are only like 33cents a piece! Anyways, thats what I am going to use for my suit and I thought I should share my idea with the rest of you guys.
If crafty enough, you could buy some thick cloth, i forget what it is called, but alot of parents use it to make halloween costumes for their kids, and teachers use it for arts and crafts because of it's thick rough texture, buying that in black and sewing it to pants, sweatshirt might work, but thanks for the info.
Foamies is a great idea I was toying with the Idea of using the stuff to alter some gloves. I didn't like the high prices of the gloves that a lot of people use for there suits so I was thinking on cutting out Foamie finger pieces. Wrapping them in black cloth or garment leather and gluing it to the glove with Contact cement. It would give the glove the same "armored" look as the others without the high cost.
I don't have any pics right now, but when I get my armor finished, I will post pics... Unless anyone can find a pic of the foamies online.
if you want to use craft foam (aka foamies) to do detailing. Find out if there's something like a Joann Fabrics near you. They sell the stuff in rolls that are 36x60 inches for about 7 dollars.

If you don't have a place near you that sells the foamies rolls, you can always hit up the mcmaster carr website and do a quick search for EVA foam, it's pretty much the same stuff. You can just order it from them in large sheets. that way you're not buying 50 of those little small 8.5 x 11 sheets at 70 cents a piece. just buy a large sheet or roll, and it comes out to be a deal cheaper :)

edit: found a website that sells the rolls of foamies as well
Whoa...u read my mind. Ive been meaning to post that! Nice idea. I think you'd basically want to sandwich the foam between the outside of your under armor and a stitched on piece of stretchy cloth. Maby spandex or cut up under armor.
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