Soft Parts First Kit, ODST Undersuit Idea


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I'm new to making armor from the Halo Universe, and I was wanting to make an ODST Kit, I've looked through many threads under the Soft Parts section of the forums and from what I can tell, ODST's usually wear flight suits, or BDU's in some color or camo pattern. I have a BDU set in a camo pattern (Desert Tiger Stripe), which I was thinking about using. They look similar to what the Marines used in Halo 3, and I feel like it could look cool with a Desert ODST Kit. Just curious about what other people used. Any advice is Appreciated.
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Hello Pirate757! Welcome to the 405th!

Might I suggest that you post a photo of what you are thinking of using? That will help people give you better advice!


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While the exact shirt and pants I got for my ODST are no longer available, this is a similar pattern (pants and sleeves) to what I'm using for my standard ODST setup. I think what you posted would be great for a desert themed ODST kit.