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Hey all! This is my first forum post so it might not be the cleanest or most direct and easy to follow and for that I apologize!

Anyways, if my title wasn't clear, I need ideas for compressing underneath my undersuit on an ODST build. I am 5 ft 10 in. and 260 lbs. Most of this wait is (annoyingly) in my gut which makes armor building a weird process for myself. I'm currently working out so hopefully some weight starts shedding little by little.

Does anybody else have similar issues and what have you done to combat this? The first Idea I had for this was to use two compression shirts I have, one is a tank top and the other is an actual shirt and that compresses my manboobs down really well but not so much my gut. The other idea I had was building the back part of my suit onto a workout belt and using that to hold in everything but I've noticed workout belts just displace rather than compress.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I can get a couple photos of my dimensions if need be!
I myself am not a stranger to this issue. :cry: I once cut out refined sugar and dropped 15 lbs, which was great, so you might try that?

As far as the garb, I'd use supportive undergarments and a good uniform-ish setup. In my mind the Marines and ODST builds do just fine with a regular ACU or similar uniform and the armor as an attachment to that uniform.

At the end of the day, though, go with 1) comfortable and 2) dark or black colored under suit. You'll do fine, but keep us posted. Under suits are always a challenge.
If you go with something form fitting troop4921, don't forget a dance belt or similar athletic support to keep everything PG-13. The dance belt and a pair of form fitting boxer briefs are all I wear under my body suit, it helps with cooling and moisture wicking while making sure the Halo Reach SPARTAN booty is rocking.
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