Brute Spiker

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I am attempting the Brute Spiker after the Sniper Rifle. It seems to be really easy...
I will be making it by scratch!

MK. 1 Prototype
Body-Cardboard, layered
Handle-Covered in masking tape spray-painted brown
Blades- Cardboard/Plastic

Final Copy
Body-Metal, Wood, Plastic
Handle- Wood, covered in REAL LEATHER
Blades-Real Steel
LEDS- 4 Blue ones.
Alright, sounds better anyway, I was thinking of using leather on my final, final uber-good one.
I'm on right now. And I might even make the final one with a similar technique to my MG-34 blaster, metal, wood, plastic...what a sweet weapon. My final one might have real steel too!
Not started yet. Once I will it will be up. ;-)
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Hope these help! :lindsey:

Perhaps someone could get us a model for pepakura? That would definetly help out a great deal. I myself have considered making a spiker. Pepakura is a invaluble tool, and we should use it often. Possibly make the blades out of sheet metal or something...
well doom model one but you'll have to ask him if you can have it, dont think he will let it Pepakura dont get along i like the traditonal way of building props
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