Build thread - Chorizo pizza from scratch


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Okay first I usually start with room temperature water about a cup to start
Next I like to add some baking yeast (till it covers the top of the water) and cane sugar (about a table spoon) since its the most active with the yeast culture I could find
DSC04553.jpg DSC04554.jpg DSC04555.jpg DSC04556.jpg DSC04557.jpg
slowly start adding flour/ and stirring/mix to a decent consistency
DSC04558.jpg DSC04559.jpg DSC04561.jpg DSC04562.jpg
oil that pan
Next knead and apply
DSC04564.jpg DSC04565.jpg
Apply salsa or BBQ sauce depending on what your flavor is
Add what you have around
continue adding what you have around
DSC04569.jpg DSC04571.jpg
heat that oven to 350-400 depending on how quickly you want it
DSC04573.jpg DSC04575.jpg
and bake till it smells tasty


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