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Hi there Guys!
Have always been interested in the architecture of the Halo Franchise, obviously a significant part of the Games.Thought about doing a series of models because i am alreday somewhat experienced. Saw the diorama Timuche did and was eager to start my own work.
Because it is the main element, i will start with a halo! The Design is the Classic one as seen on Delta and Gamma Halo in H1-2.

Designed it on my laptop
Delta Halo 3.jpg
And used a Lasercutter for the various tiny, but detailed parts.
Had to develop a basic structure first.
Then glued together the rest
It is a first try....have to make some adjustments at least.
This is 1/12 from the whole Ring! It will be 1,20m in diametre as a whole!
Maybe i will rescale it, but it will remain a big chunk of work.
Have to think about connecting the different parts efficiently.
Paperboard often does not behave like i want, especially working within a millimetre scale of detail.
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That's a really cool idea! Have you any thoughts on how you might display it when it's all done?


Very cool and unique idea. Would be great as a feature on the Halowaypoint community spotlight IMO!


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any thoughts on how you might display it when it's all done?
Want to hang it on wires. It is only cartboard, but the structure is actually quite stiff while being lightweight.When everything goes as planned, i might install lights. Depends on the final scale. Maybe i`ll do the basic ring smaller and make a single big section to showcase details. And then i`ll do the other designs besides the classic ones.
Would like to make an ark too.....
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Just to let you know - i am still on this, only paused for a while after a failed attempt. I build a section of the ring in my 3d programm and unfolded it like you would in pepakura, but the settings for
accuracy were not high enough it seems. Ended up with a gap of roughly 1cm between the final parts. o_O
Well, have to redraw a few things and retry. Stay tuned!


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Well, long time no see - didn`t really went through with the 2nd try.
At the current scale, paper this thin works too much when wet glue makes it bend a little.
So i have to adjust it and make the prop much smaller and just ingrave the details on the outside or just do parts of it.
But atleast i went over it again and made a file workable for 3d-printing:
Delta halo 2.png Delta Halo Render.jpg
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