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Discussion in 'Halo Props' started by ReClaimer8015, Sep 7, 2018.

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    Hi there Guys!
    Have always been interested in the architecture of the Halo Franchise, obviously a significant part of the Games.Thought about doing a series of models because i am alreday somewhat experienced. Saw the diorama Timuche did and was eager to start my own work.
    Because it is the main element, i will start with a halo! The Design is the Classic one as seen on Delta and Gamma Halo in H1-2.

    Designed it on my laptop
    Delta Halo 3.jpg
    And used a Lasercutter for the various tiny, but detailed parts.
    Had to develop a basic structure first.
    Then glued together the rest
    It is a first try....have to make some adjustments at least.
    This is 1/12 from the whole Ring! It will be 1,20m in diametre as a whole!
    Maybe i will rescale it, but it will remain a big chunk of work.
    Have to think about connecting the different parts efficiently.
    Paperboard often does not behave like i want, especially working within a millimetre scale of detail.
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    That's a really cool idea! Have you any thoughts on how you might display it when it's all done?
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    its a 1:1000000000000000000000... scale and if this is metal made it could be a nice shelf piece.
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    Very cool and unique idea. Would be great as a feature on the Halowaypoint community spotlight IMO!
  5. ReClaimer8015

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    Want to hang it on wires. It is only cartboard, but the structure is actually quite stiff while being lightweight.When everything goes as planned, i might install lights. Depends on the final scale. Maybe i`ll do the basic ring smaller and make a single big section to showcase details. And then i`ll do the other designs besides the classic ones.
    Would like to make an ark too.....
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    That is an absolutely brilliant idea! I will definitely be watching this.

  7. ReClaimer8015

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    Just to let you know - i am still on this, only paused for a while after a failed attempt. I build a section of the ring in my 3d programm and unfolded it like you would in pepakura, but the settings for
    accuracy were not high enough it seems. Ended up with a gap of roughly 1cm between the final parts. o_O
    Well, have to redraw a few things and retry. Stay tuned!

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