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Builds By Baz - Full scale MKII Colonial Viper

Discussion in 'Non-Halo Costumes and Props' started by Sandbagger, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    That's just it mate. Time. Time is everything. Without time, nothing exists. Without time, there is no start, no journey and no finish.

    If I had the power over time, these builds would be done in a month. Most of my builds have historically taken years. As it is, once i have completed my day job and my responsibilities as a father, I get very little of this precious time to work on projects. It becomes a time management issue. With practice, the art of time management goes hand in hand with the actual art you are practicing.

    If I get a day off, I use a lot of it for the noisy stuff with power tools etc. If I get a half hour free at the end of the working day, same same.
    At night, after the kids are all in bed and the kitchen is clean, I go into the shed and do the quiet stuff like electronics and cutting stuff with blades, etc, but no hammering or power tools. The drill press and the lathe are the only two I can use that are quiet enough not to annoy the neighbours.

    Failing that, nights are spent drawing and planning, researching the craft and setting up for the next phase.

    All the while, life gets in the way and CONSTANTLY interrupts the plan, especially when I'm on a roll. Frustrating, but another couple of big skills that have to be learned, practiced and developed are patience and determination.
  2. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Thanks to the guys on OCAU, I was able to find a suitable dimmer for the AMPEX panel, (AKA weapon systems and fire control) and light it. As I couldn't source an AMPEX panel, I had to scratch build it from wood and plastic. Looks OK I suppose.

    Thanks to a mate of mine, Andrew W, who replicated the gauges and digital dispay for me to print off on A4 paper and put lights behind it.

    Full build here Mk II Viper cockpit interior fit-out.





  3. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Putting the cockpit back together with all the new lighting.



  4. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Time has been difficult to juggle, but I managed to get a bit of work in on the project here and there.

    I've started making link for the 30mm cannon ammunition so I can make up two belts of 15 for each wing.







    I've also finished bringing the interior walls up to the window sill so now I can bring the outer hull skin all the way up to meet them for an air-seal with the canopy frame.


    I've also started the ejector seat configuration, starting with a spacer box underneath to raise it and provide a base to build the rest of the unit from. I also cut the top of the seat off as they did with the original prop to allow for the headrest and integrated systems in the top of the seat.


  5. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    That cockpit looks so rad Baz!
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  6. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate! :D
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  7. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Any plans to put it up somewhere? Like a Sci Fi museum? This is really some top shelf work. (not that we would expect any less from you :D)
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  8. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    I have my own plans for it, but will certainly be taking it along to Conventions as they eventuate in Australia. Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra probably.
  9. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    My shaping press worked for a few, but then it started distorting and I was constantly having to bash it back into shape. So, I went back to the drawing board and strengthened it with plate steel and welded another pipe inside the 40mm pipe to stop it from squashing. The results are much more consistent.



  10. mkshane81


    Absolutely amazing stuff Barry!

  11. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Thank you Matt. :D
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  12. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    I decided to make the colours BSG accurate instead of real world accurate.

  13. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    I wanted to at least make some attempt to make the back end of the rounds look like they have primers in them, so I used a 20mm spade bit to drill a hole and countersunk ring, then bashed in clout nails to be ground and polished later.






    I also changed from rubbish pine to a hardwood made from half a dozen old rotten tree stakes. After sorting through them and cutting off the rotten half, I salvaged enough from the rubbish pile to turn a few more bullets. They turn much nicer.


    Full story on the ammo here Mk II Viper munitions
  14. Dirtdives


    I would not want to get hit even by a glancing blow by one of these......scary looking ammo....AWESOME!!!!
  15. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

  16. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

  17. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Back to working on the cockpit. These instrument side shelves require careful fabrication. Slowing down and actually bought dressed timber this time, instead of rough ply.

    The shelves in the screen-used prop were vacuformed and textured plastic. I am thinking I can achieve the same using timber and sanding it smooth, then using hammer-finish paint to achieve similar texture.



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  18. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

  19. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    8914EA33-70D5-4E4A-BA3C-ECA57089BA8D.jpeg Caption should say ........ Eh, I dabble
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  20. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    A dabbler I am... :D

    After a colour correction, I moved onto the port side instrument shelf.






    Some tweaking to do now to make the starboard shelf fit. There's a former block in the way of one of the protruding instruments. Job for another day. I think I might even have a little sleep tonight.

  21. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Starting the ejector seat configuration with a spacer box underneath to raise it and provide a base to build the rest of the unit from. I also cut the top of the seat off as they did with the original prop to allow for the headrest and integrated systems in the top of the seat. The padded cover just gets folded back and stitched behind the seat to dress it off.


    Building the sides and top was tricky and a bit of trail and error. I only really had three half-decent photos to work from at different angles, but they were difficult to translate into shape and size with such limited views and details. I made a frame out of plywood which was pretty basic to back the seat and hug it's contours. Then I started from the top, as the pictures I have are of it are best from there. Working my way down, it was a bit of improvisation with limited materials, but I managed to find a happy approximation.

    Again, I found it a big money saver to use cardboard first to freehand the shapes and fit, then transfer to half inch plywood once I had established the form. I'll add in small details later, but that's the main construction finished. It was quite a challenge.





    Full story here >> Mk II Viper cockpit interior fit-out.
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  22. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Cockpit construction complete. Just a bit of gap filling and some paint left now.





  23. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    My friends Andrew W and David M have both been working hard with the graphic design, re-formatting and installing into the electronic equipment to go into the cockpit. I't's been an exciting day and we've got a lot done!

    Full story here. >> Viper DRADIS and weapon systems screens





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  24. Dirtdives


    I really 1/2 expect this thing to fly in the end!!!! Are you sure you'r not a ship designer for NASA?
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  25. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    I'll take the job if it's on offer....

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