Bullet Proof Fiberglass!

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More commonly know as Kevlar...

Really not that impressive a test... 44mag is a big round, but they where using blunt soft lead bullets. All impact & no penatration. A standard military 5.56mm jacketed round ( Basicly a .22 with some balls behind it) would pop right through that panel like an icepick. That's why most bodyarmor has composite trauma plates... The newer stuff is mega impressive, wish I'd had it back when I was actualy getting shot at... ;)

I thought kevlar was a more black like substance.

But your right about the rounds. if u get into serious truoble with maybe machinegun fire those steel jackets will got right though like it were tissue paper.
Kevlar its usually black yes but can be colored any color by applying a tint to it when they mix the polymer that creates the crystaline fibers that makes up the Kevlar fabric.

Funny little fact, Kevlar becomes STRONGER in water "up to 20x more" because the fibers are held together by Hydrogen a main component in water
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