Busy weekend!


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What a busy weekend! I actually wanted to call this the colossal **** up weekend but I'm trying to remain positive somehow.

First off I assembled and primered my Socom pistol which for the time was really good! I mean it looked create, parts fit nicely, the whole nine yards.
Then when I got home I picked up some really bad paint cause after I was done the next day the paint was still sticky almost tacky to the touch. I'm not sure if it was just a bad choice of paint or if this thing sat on the shelf longer than it should of and had gone bad. Now I either deal with the choice or I make another one and somehow remove all that paint. It's possible.....it'll be tough but it's possible.

Next off was penciling my ODST suit....now previously I said "I must of read these instructions a dozen times, I got this!" and yet, I STILL ****ed up somehow. I mean I was on a roll at first. I trimmed several parts, they look great! They really just need a little sanding to refine the edges. But then I got to the shin and I ****ed up! I wasn't suppose to cut the very top of the shin since they need to clip in with the knee plates! I totally goofed that and ended up cutting it by accident.
It's fixable it really is, I got tons of scrap I can use so I'm not totally worried. But still, I messed up big time on that part, so I need to be careful how I do this as I continue the build.

I even started gluing together my Halo Reach assault rifle, it came out well and it's primed. I just gotta find the right paint for the job you know? That'll take some time.

But I mean all in all, it was a hectic weekend and I'm positive there will be more! I just gotta keep chugging along. Like I said, I just gotta remain positive.