C 3 P O _ Pep Head


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Hi all,

just released C3PO head pepakura file.

Not unfolded yet, sorry.

If somebody want to unfold it and publish unfolded file - welcome!

Download: PDO file available there




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That looks good my friend. My friend loves star wars maybe he'll pay me a lil money to make him one. Or I guess i could get him a birthday present. ha


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sweet, now people can size it to their body instead of buying a kit that you have to be slim for like the original actor Anthony Daniels


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Now that looks cool if you still have the 3D file for the C3PO head I can unfold it but I can't unfold with another persons .pdo file unfortunatly heres my e-mail cylonproject2000@yahoo.com I'll probably make it for two sizes child and adult as best as I can


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omegagauntlet said:
Am I missing the link to the battle droid file? Is that a WIP?
I think it's just a finished head right now. I'm looking forwarding to building a 1:1 Battle Droid.

Has anyone here seen a file for the Battle Droid Gun?
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