can i still put fiberglass on my suit


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Yeah I was kind of in a hurry on Halloween, but can I still put Fiberglass on it? And is it alright if I use adhesive spray instead of the resin?
No i don't think you can, i could be wrong. But the resin soaks through, and that could ruin your paint job. The spray adhesive would be waste of time because you want to add strength, and that stuff doesn't have near the properties of resin, so you'd just be wasting time and money and end up not doing a thing but glueing fiber glass to your armor.
My advice is that you, just resin a small part and see what happens for sure, because like i said i could be wrong but i'm pretty sure it will mess with it some how. and if it does do something, my reccomnedations would be

A) just finish resining and then sand everything and bondo if necessary and just re-paint
:cool: leave it alone and maybe put some sort of plaster behind it instead for strength
C) re-make yoru suit.

Hope this helps man,

Just experiment, trial and error sometimes gives us good results and sparks ideas.



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Spartan1105 said:
Yeah I was kind of in a hurry on Halloween, but can I still put Fiberglass on it? And is it alright if I use adhesive spray instead of the resin?
Adhesive spray is not an alternative to resin. It's what you'd use just to hold the cloth in place while you work on it. Adhesive spray is only strong enough to hold photos to paper hehe. Unresined fiberglass cloth is extremely itchy btw. It would be like rolling around in insulation! Yowchie!

I think there's a few issues of fiberglassing it post painting.

1. Heat- During the curing process, the resin can get pretty hot (and it needs to, it's an exothermic reaction). Krylon spray paint for example, can maintain it's color and gloss up to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The more hardener in a mix, the hotter it will get, so some care would have to be taken here. You may have to trade curing time for temperature thresholds :)

2. Soaking- As Hoopla mentioned, if you didn't thoroughly seal your piece with resin beforehand, the new resin will soak through the stock to the painted side. The results of that could be rather unpredictable/undesirable.

3. Running/Excess- Generally when you fiberglass you have excess cloth over the edges and resin that tends to run and get both sides messy. You'd have to give yourself strict margins to work inside if you *really* didn't want to repaint.

So in conclusion, I'd agree with Hoopla that, you ought to try a test spot and see what you are working with.

If it were me I'd just get it messy again, do it proper, and repaint it with all the skills garnered from the first paint job =D

Hope that helps too!
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To get the definatve answer make a quick square of exactly how you made the helmet. then try and resin it, if it doesn't work see if you can sand it and make it work. Ergo the results on the square will be the results on the helmet.

For your sake I hope you can.


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Fiberglass is soft as a tissue if you dont use resin on it, you could just glue tissues to your armor then.


It is a bit harder now you have the suit kinda done, but be careful on it.


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If my suit comes out all messed up, i'll let you guys know, and i guess I'll make a new one T_T, by the way, is there a place they sell gold visors (local stores)? Because I could only find clear, and reflective (blue) visors at Pep Boys.


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Sean Bradley said:
Call some motorcycle pro shops in your area (Look in the Yellow Pages) and ask for Gold Mirrored HJC/RST replacement shields...
Or order them form a cycle shop online:

And you can frequently find them at less-than-retail prices on ebay.
Yeah I'll probably do that...but I don't have a credit card to order it, but my friend said that you could use Safeway Gift Cards...can you?
... By the way, the Bell Visor I bought was too wide, and made my helmet wider than usual, so it looks like the 1st Master Chief's armor. I suggest you don't use them -.-
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alright...SCREW MY OLD SUIT!!! I'll just make a new one, starting from scratch, and try putting more effort (I was in a hurry before...)I'll probably sell my old suit to someone or just keep it. T_T...