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Fan Expo Toronto Attendance

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Even if you don't reserve for Thursday night, heck even if you're not coming to this event, double heck even if you're not in the same country.... you really need to see this restaurant's menu!! This place sounds so cool!
I do have to admit that their menu is pretty cool looking. Some of the puns are great :lol:

But overall a bit jealous that you guys get to go to such a cool place ;)
Alright, thanks for letting me bring him along. He's been having a tough time and I hope this helps :)
Alright gang final call I’m going to try and make the reservation today! Ryujiro brining your friend should be fine but I’m going to check with the place first to see if they’ll take the number of people we got.

Photoshoot: Friday, August 25, 12:30pm

I’m hiring a local photographer to do a group photoshoot for us at Roundhouse Park just outside the convention centre. Their base rate is $90 for 40min plus $20 per extra person. I can cover the $90 I just ask that everyone attending pitches in the $20. Since we have only a 40 min window we’re going to stick to group shots only, no individual portraits.


Storm Crow
So unfortunately with Storm Crow they don’t have room for a party of our size so we’ll have to split into two tables under two reservations. They’re not taking any more smaller reservations ahead of Fan Expo however they’re opening up much more of the manor every day of the con. They have a booth at the con that I will attempt to get us a spot from on Thursday.

Amsterdam BrewHouse
Friday August 25, 8pm

I’ve put in a reservation at this location for Friday night, it’s a pretty cool spot on the waterfront very close by the convention centre. I’ve put us down for 14 people but we are allowed to raise that number a bit if we want so long as we give them at least a days heads up.

Still working out other places to go too for the other two days but I’ll have it sorted soon. I’m also almost done with an initial draft of the schedule. If there’s any questions on the reservations or the photoshoot let me know.
Sorry for the extra late response but I'll be coming along too on Saturday!

This is my first time being a part of a 405th booth, do I need a fully completed costume to be a part of the booth? And do I have to stay at the booth for the availability I put in the google form?
Sorry for the extra late response but I'll be coming along too on Saturday!

This is my first time being a part of a 405th booth, do I need a fully completed costume to be a part of the booth? And do I have to stay at the booth for the availability I put in the google form?
Hey! You're more than welcome to work at the booth in whatever state your suit is in. You can also work as a booth attendant/handler if you prefer. We do ask that you’re at the booth for one of the shifts, either 10am - 3pm or 2pm -7pm in order to be given a free exhibitor badge. You can DM me to work something out.
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Alright gang...we're about a day out from the big event! Setup is tomorrow and our brave transport drivers hoodster31 and Felipe06 are ready to roll with Benton188 close behind em from the south.

For everyone else here's some info for getting us all situated on the first day.

Exhibitor Passes:
I will be collecting all the passes myself tomorrow in person, as for distributing them to everyone NewBrody and I are going to scout the place for an ideal hand-off point somewhere just outside the convention center. I'm thinking our best option will be the South Building front entrance on Bremner Blvd, this would avoid the lines at the main entrance on Front St.

Maps Link: Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) South Building · 222 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 2T6, Canada

If you need to get a hold of staff at any point here are our points of contact (POC's) for the event.

RCO, Schankerz: 705 305 2369
BCO, Felipe: 514 884 8113
BOO, NewBrody: 905 909 0545

For subway tickets here's a list of the people I've gathered will need them and how much they owe. This will cover two trips to the restaurants and back on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Benton and N8 since you're both leaving Sunday your only getting tickets for two days, Felipe yours covers you and Lindsay. Don't start paying me yet plz I'll probably only start knockin for money after Thursday.

Rock Lobbster $20
Angus314 $20
Benton188 $15
hoodster31 $20
Felipe06 $40
N8TEBB $15

That's pretty much it for now, I'll have more updates tomorrow as I inspect the premise and get to know our situation better. Let's get'er done buds.

Lets Go Comedy GIF by CBC
And that’s Fan Expo 2023 all wrapped up! Seriously thank you to everyone who came out this weekend and made it a super memorable one especially for me.

This has been my big local con that I’ve attended for years now and to be able to bring everything I would’ve loved to see as an attendee years ago is really awesome for me. I’m really glad I got to share this with some really amazing people and I hope to do it again next year!

Proud of you guys, y’all really knocked it out of the park.
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