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405th Regiment Officer
Hello there! Please read the below information carefully, there is a lot of important points!

2024 is quickly approaching and this time, we are trying hard to be prepared earlier! SO, this is a ROLL CALL! We need to know who wants to staff at the booth for Fan Expo Canada 2024! PLEASE fill up the form as soon as possible, as we need to provide the con with an exact badge number we'll need! It would be awesome if we could get a final answer from everyone before the end of 2023! Feel free to write to myself, valkydesigns or WZProps if you have any questions!

FILL THE FORM: Be a part of the Fan Expo 2024 405th booth

Please don’t forget, having an exhibitor Badge is a privilege. It gives us certain special access and perks that regular attendees do not have.
With that in mind, here are the requirements to join the booth staff:
You must be a member of the 405th.
You must have read the 405 event rules & the 405th Costuming Club Mantle and understand the rules and responsibility of representing the club in an official capacity
You must be 18+ or 16+ with a parent staff member. (children under 16 are not allowed on show floor by the conventions before its open to the public)
You must participate in either of these 2 roles: Costumed staff or Group Handler staff (or a mix of both).
You must be present and staffing the booth for at least 1 full day*.
*As mentioned above, free badges are limited, therefore, we will prioritize handing them out to members staffing the most days at cons.

Little reminder, a voluntary monetary contribution from staff members during the weekend will be highly appreciated. These contributions will go towards paying for necessities for the group during an event, such as beverages, food/snacks, etc… You’re welcomed to give the amount of your choice, but we established that $20 is a good base that should get us covered. If there is excess funds after an event concludes, they will go back directly into the booth, either to purchase additional supplies or fund projects.

!Important information!
Convention website: Fan Expo Canada website
Booth size: We are hoping for a 20'x 30'. Will be confirmed.
Are badges free: Yes, badges are provided by the con!
Will food be provided: Not this time, no. However, we'll offer food planning for those who wants to participate.
Handlers needed: 2 per day minimum
Is a changing/stocking room available: We are hoping to get one this year, TBC
SETUP Wednesday-Thursday: Hours to come
Thursday: 4PM to 9PM (TBC)
Friday: 10AM to 7PM (TBC)
Saturday: 10AM - 7PM (TBC)
Sunday: 10AM - 5PM (TBC)
TEARDOWN Sunday: Hours to come

Confirmed members:
Just finished filling the form! I’ll be there next year!
Joining Welcome Home GIF
JTF4 JammedMite942 Rock Lobbster Ryujiro sorry about that but I just noticed a mistake in the form, there was no selection for Friday at all. Can you guys please confirm if you'll be unavailable or present the Friday? Thanks!
Taking an 8 hour drive back to Philly only to come back a day later seems a bit impractical so I guess I'll attend friday too :p

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