Canadian Regiment (Vancouver, BC) - Canucks Gamers Theme Night

Me Like Hockey?

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TurboCharizard, which phrases were used on the marquis?
They ran a ticker along the big screens of submitted messages by everyone that texts in whatever magic number or tweets whatever tag, apparently the cosplayer submitted list was given priority in their system somehow. We didn't get too many photos in the actual game because of all the trooping and moving between areas but the list I sent in was
  • "That was the worst block ever. Of all time"
  • "You're telling me we flew halfway across the galaxy, went backwards in time, and enjoyed a steam, for THIS?!"
  • "Finish the fight! Finish the fight! Finish the fight!"
  • "For a brick he flew pretty good!"
  • "Hasn't been a butt-kicking this bad since master chief smashed the flood in Halo 1!"
  • "Papeesheewoosh!"
  • “Not my fault. Some put a wall in my way.”
  • "Daily Update on the status of Installation 04:'s still gone" (credit to the funny Facebook group of the same name)
  • "My name is Michael J. Caboose and I hate BABIES!"
  • "I like me."
  • "Hey Chicka Bump Bump"
  • “#BlameDirtdives”
If they got put up, I'm not sure but I'm glad there was a way that the entire 405th could contribute to the shenanigans yesterday.
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