Cardboard Battle Rifle; Got My Scope!


Meleck said:
Looks awesome. You did a good sanding job because your lines look a lot cleaner. The finger guard could still use some work.

Is there some gap between the body of the weapon and the "support" piece underneath the barrel? If so, I would fill it to make it look like the "support " piece (Don't know the exact word for it) looks like it's attached over the barrel. It might be a weird way of explaning what I mean but I think the image is pretty clear and strong. I think the support piece should be more like a hot dog bun holding the hot dog than something stuck underneath the barrel.

Very good work. You should definitely mold this.
You mean the grip?

I know that ingame the grip is "holding" the weapon but I'm proceeding with my own artistic perspective and i think it looks really nice in real life.

I decided to mold this and I'm adding some detail with clay. I still have alot of smoothing to do on some areas but so far it looks promising.

Here is a little headstart on the details: (Yeah, i know it's inverted. I scraped the "Mag" detail off and put it to the other side....)

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Got my red/green dot scope, here is what it looks like (sorry for the bad quality, I'm still waiting for my camera to be fixed...)

Still have alot of smoothing etc. to do... But I'm not far away from finishing this project.

Note; the scope is not permanently mounted, I will make an actual rail for the scope by Molding my M16 mounting rail and shorten it...

Enjoy! I'm still open for all criticism and comments!


Hi, i have not been able to post any progress as I'm waiting to get some cash for the Moldmaking materials.

I'm ordering silicone etc. and they should arrive in January, so i will start working on my mold and propably make a few casts.

I'll show some final pictures before i make the mold so everyone can point out defects which i should work on.

If you have any points on where I could improve (I'm aware of the smoothness... Will be smoothed more) please tell me.

Im ordering my materials from:


If anyone is interested i made sculpt from a handplate and used the leftovers of my previous silicone materials to cast these: