Cardboard Covenant Weapons?

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Yeah, I was wondering how I should go about building covenant weapons/armor out of cardboard. I am currently working on a Hunter costume (have the shield and shoulder pad all done, looks great) and I need help. Since he has a fuel rod gun strapped to his right arm, I need assistance.
What I have been doing is bonding all the pieces with duct-tape and texturing them with assorted things. this worked great on the shield, but that was simple. hiding duct tape seams was easy because I could just throw some plasma burn or bullet hole on that part and it looks great. But with the rest of the body being so smooth... I need help assembling them the closest I can to my chosen reference pictures (Ask me about reference details if you like, I've made some discoveries that I think can help anyone who is doing a Hunter costume)
Any help from anyone on this site will be much appreciated! Thank you all..
Sounds cool. On the creating weapons i would make a cardboard frame and work around that.

Hope to hear more about your progress :)
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