Celestial Nighthawk FWC Hunter Build

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    Hey guys, been on the forum for a bit and can't thank everyone enough for all the help on cosplaying. I'm making a thread about my Hunter Build I plan to have ready for Fan Expo Dallas in 2018. Here is what I have planned.
    Celestial Nighthawk Helmet (Daschlenn pep)
    Infinite Lines Vest (Eva foam?)
    Not sure how to go about arm and leg armor
    Chaos Cloak
    Without further ado, here is helmet progress will be working from top to bottom.

  2. Lowcone494


    Lines and folds lookin good! and, nice choice with the super glue!!
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    LS9BLUEDEVIL New Member

    Thanks Lowcone494 I'm a stickler for details lol and thanks only thing that sucks is when it gets stuck on my fingers. Here was my first pep and here is hoping the celestial nighthawk is better.

  4. Daschlenn

    Daschlenn Member

    Looking good man! Will be following this thread closely! Really want to see how this turns out!
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    LS9BLUEDEVIL New Member

    Thanks Daschlenn, couldn't be possible with your pep and yeah got some big plans for the cloak itself.

    LS9BLUEDEVIL New Member

    Helmet update guys and liking the progress, might finish the top first because would like to do a test fit. Let me know what you all think.

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