Centurion Build

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Awesome work there. Making me want to do a Pep build now. (y)
Papeesheewooshness (y)

Way to go Dirtdives! The armor looked great at sci-fi to begin with and now the helmet sells it!. warning Krissy will point out the bare neck showing. She did it to me as well. Way to go Spartan!
Awesomeness (y)

Guys, you have no idea how incredible you guys are and were for the last 2 YEARS!!!!!! Well, 1 month shy of 2 years since I joined the 405th to be exact. And now my suit is finished and I have taken it out on its premier showing and man-o-man was it a great feeling to walk in to NYCC wearing it......until the first person looked at me and said......"Pacific Rim right?".........uuuuhhhhhhhhh.......Then it went even further south......"So which Transformer are you?"...........And of course, it was inevitable, 90% of the time I was being addressed as Master Chief. Now I know the H5 isn't the newest game on the block, but come on people!!!! That 10% though, more than made up the difference in how I felt. It got better from there though.....much better, to the delight, dismay and exasperation of my kids. I don't usually overshadow their costumes, but I couldn't get 2 feet w/o getting stopped for a photo op. Everyone wanted to stop me and take a pic w/ me or of me.

I'm not a vain person but it felt so gratifying that everywhere we went, I got stopped or got the thumbs up or the oggoling stare of amazement. My daughter is sifting through the 300+ picks that she took so I'll have those ASAP but here area few to wet your appetites:

I thought this was a mistake on the part of the camera...then I realized that it was because of my suits color...It kind of matched the backdrop of the "Green" screen and blended the overlay into my suit. Very cool. Looking forward to the new Stargate Command show!!!

I got to try out a Covie Plasma Rifle. I should have angled it a bit more to show it off. It was a heavy piece of work!!! At least 10 lbs. I would have left something like this at home instead of carrying it around.

And this was the parting group selfie as we left.


As I said, I''ll have the rest of the pics up soon. Also, I'll have a damage report and points I think that need improvement as well and before any one says it.......NECK SEAL....I know. But dam...this was fun as hell!!!!
Pic dump!!!! first batch. Enjoying the company of a few of my fav characters and assorted fans who actually knew who I was.....well, who I was portraying that is; Fred. Bane and Ruby Rod (The 5th Element...if you haven't seen it, do so...Super Green!!!). The girl in the red dress is my youngest Vanessa, dressed as Elizabeth from Black Butler, and the girl in the red/white tracksuit is her older sister, dressed as Victor Hikiforov (Russian figure skater), who met up w/ her Anime character's counterpart...... who I have no idea what the name is......and spent the whole time yapping about each other's character....so I'll just move on.

pic1.jpg pic8.jpg pic10.jpg pic9.jpg pic11.jpg pic4.jpg Pic2.jpg

And this was just weird: Funny and disturbing ........but weird.


So until I get the next batch: we have the traditional bucket(s) on the floor:


And "Team" shot:......along w/ a photo bombing daughter....who is going to get it when I get home.....didn't know she did this till just now.

And more Pics!!!!

pic12.jpg I was just relaxing......not even posing really........just looked cool hanging out....

Now for some head to head competition. Who would win in a fight?:

pic14.jpg Fred Vs The Winter Soldier............IMO...Fred

pic16.jpg Fred Vs Capt. Cold.......Fred....one head-shot coming up. Can you say dead-cold?

pic15.jpg Fred Vs Data........tough one but I would have to give it to Fred again just for sheer battle exp.

pic13.jpg Especially when I have a little back-up that is. Too cute.

So awesome.

love the helmet on the floor shot, a long time coming.

Congratulations brother, very well done.
And a bunch more!!!! Just a whole lot of cosplay going around

pic20.jpg pic21.jpg pic22.jpg pic23.jpg pic24.jpg pic25.jpg pic26.jpg pic27.jpg pic28.jpg pic29.jpg pic30.jpg pic31.jpg pic33.jpg pic34.jpg pic35.jpg pic36.jpg pic37.jpg Last one got me in trouble w/ the wife.........:rolleyes: Always had a thing for the Black Cat.

pic18.jpg This was the Pic of the day though..........outside w/ the skyline.....middle of the crowd w/ them looking on.....Glad it stopped raining. Good end of the day shot!!

A quick shout out to my bud Douggie who happened to swing by the con. Was not expecting to see him here.
Ok I know its been a while and this thread should be put to bed........but my daughter just sent me a bunch of pictures from this past summer that I totally forgot about and just had to share w/ you guys. An evening stroll on the boardwalk at Pier Village just to say hello......and maybe dance a little.

I love this place!!!!

Tees, tanks, and shirtless and I'm in full armor.
The boy looks like he was thrilled to be here!!!
Everyone is looking at a different camera and my eyes were closed.
Just imagine turning around and seeing me sitting next to you.

Next were poses:
Wasn't sure which to go w/ .....the college prep look or....... Nouveau riche

Now these guys actually hopped out of their car to take a picture......

By then I got a little hungry but they wouldn't let me in. Said I was over dressed........
Started posing outside of the gym......Not easy to do a Front Lat Spread in armor.......I did however manage to interrupt everyone's workout so.....Go Fire Team Off the Rails!!!!
Then I got tackled by this kid!!! Knew exactly who I was.....a transformer.........shesh!!!!
Did a little shopping......Think this fits?
Oh yes I did!!!!!!

I know I promised you a dance......but I can't post it on the thread right now.....Ok so I think we can now put this thread to bed....Have a great summer everyone!!!!!


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Ok last time to resurrect this thread. I promise.

Well, for those of you that didn't know, I had yet to get H5 in my games list!!!! Until yesterday that is. I know...I know........Bad Dirtdives!!! While playing it, my wife came over to watch and said, "New Game? Hey, that armored guy looks familiar.........", seeing Fred in his Centurion armor........I had to put down my controller.........and walk away, shaking my head ruefully.
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