Chief Raids Starbucks and More!

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Sigma LS

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Coffeehouse raid.

The Chief Assassinated :eek:

The Chief Fails to guard Halo 3 (Yoink!)

Who wants a piece of the Chief!

Make way for the Chief on Checkout *
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awesome!!! Sweet videos!

you have the horse hoof syndrome going on ;-) - I recommend picking up a "ninja mask" at your local bike shop.... suit looks great. (thighs are going to be done this weekend.. promise!)
Haha thanks everybody. :D

The guy was saying "Let me put it on and I would ride around with it on my bike." or something to that effect.

Everybody wants to be the chief. ;)

Adam- looking forward to getting those thighs in, I have quite a few adjustments I'm planning to make to the suit but thats the biggest one... well unless my molded helm turns out really good. Any tips on how to fix the hoof noise?

Since you guys like those I added one more video to the lot. Bottom of the first post. Enjoy :cool:
i have an idea to stop the hoof clicking

I have this stuf thats for weather striping, has adhesive on one side and the other is "cushy"
Who was the guy that "assassinated" you with the AR? Was that staged? Starbucks: Pwnage - Brought to you by Master Chief. If he wants a free water and a straw, you GET him that water and straw! Priceless!
It was all pretty much stuff we made up on the spot.

I assassinated him BTW as I was the camera man and 405th PR guy for all but that clip and one other photo.

It's really hard to have a conversation with the helm on....
Frickin funny. Give me some water or I will butt stroke you.

Sigma - I ran into the same issue with talking to people with my helmet. So, I mounted a set of Takstar voice amplifiers in the shoulders of my suit. You can also play music in the back ground.

Voice and Music Amps

My brother and I were thinking about going up to home depot and pick up some building materials (me with my suit on and him video taping it). Lets see if someone beats me to it. :lol:

Check out my vids.
Santa vs Chief

Chief on Tequilla
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