Childs Play Charity Helmet By BLACKULA727


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I just wanted to give the heads up to the community, that the auction has begun on the Child's Play Charity helmet. Hopefully it generates some cash for the cause.

You can view it here:

Carter Commando Helmet for Child's Play Charity
Also, Check out the rest of the Auctions items Here:

Child's Play Charity Auction Stuff

Again, I want to thank all the members who played a part in making this happen. I wish the auction well and hope all the items can generate the needed donation money for the charity.

Keep building 405!



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Your work never sieses to amaze me man... And for an excellent reason. What paint do you use? The quality of it is outstanding!

Lol, thanks man. I basically use whatever I can find at the depot. However, I have some pictures

Periwinkle Blue


Don't know the color name, but this was the color used for the base color of the attachment


Accent colors



The secondary Black color


Front vents and side cheek detail and dry brushing scratches


Metal thingies on top and left/right side of helm


Not pictured:

White for the CP logo

I also used some flat black acrylic paint for black washing

& Clear to seal the whole thing up

I hope that helps.

Thanks for the comment Skywalker, I appreciate it.


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i just checked out the link on your helmet blackula, at ending it was over fifteen hundred! that's amazing and that's because you did it. good job my man, maybe some day i will be able to join on helping a wonderful charity out. once again, great work.


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Thank you all! And special thanks to Longshot.

What many people don't know is we ended up having to make 2 total helmets. THe first helmet got cracked by the shipping company and we were scrambling to correct it.

With that said, LongShot volunteered to help out and fix the first one while I made a second just in case the first one could not be salvaged. we were racing to get the initial auction bidder their helmet. With that said, Kevin was able to fix the first before I could finish the second.

I did however finish the second, but we had already made good with the first, so we had an extra helmet. Thats when Laird and I decided to give the second to bungie to give out through the bungie foundation as they decided.

It's been a while since then, but I am thankful that it made it to the child. This is what I was hoping had happened with the second helmet. I'm proud to be part of such an amazing community.



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Awesome story. It's nice to see how a community can come together to help others. A great example of how something as small as a Helmet, can be such a big thing in someones life.