Chinchillas - After way to much off topic animal talk

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I swear some of you folks are outta control with the off topic stuff in the Armor section, take it easy :p.

So without further adieu - Chinchillas

I've actually had 3. one passed, two are still doing their thing.

First Chinchilla - Bandit

Bandit sitting

Bandit wink

Second Chinchilla - Rascal

Rascal at the bars

Third Chinchilla - Fidget aka "Da Fidge"

CLose up


Great pet though, very dynamic personalities, and they live like 15-18 years.

Your 'Bandit' pics are waaaaaaaaay outa focus, but still awesome.

I can safely say that is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I would love to have one, but my mom freaks out even when she sees a cute little mouse at Petco. Plus I have a dog. I'm guessing Big teritorial yellow lab + small defensless cat thingie = trouble brewing.
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