Class-61 Technician Suit by C2E2 2021

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Hey all,

I'm starting a soft build in hopes of losing some weight before I build an armor kit. I found the Class-61 Armor technician's in Spartan Ops and figured they'd be a nice, socially compliant model, given the times.


Wiki Pages: Class-61 Technician

So here's my plan, (Critiques wholeheartedly welcome)
"Off the shelf"
Lab Coat: Dickies brand should be here later today, for fitment and hands-on modification analysis
Gloves: As the above image says, I've got a set of black rubber gloves, but I'm planning on modifying a set of black work gloves so I don't entirely melt my hands off.
Mask: Standard n95 mask, might sketch the lines on, have a pack on hand, and will be the last part to be worked on.
Boots: Probably will mod with foam or similar...

Accessories: Tablet, because I have it on hand, will be a custom-cased kindle fire, probably with a local copy of the wiki on it, for S&G.
I was thinking of skinning a bag of mine in an "ONI/UNSC-esque" style to house a basic repair kit, and other con essentials, as this would be my go-to handler kit.

I am looking into a heart rate monitor. no concrete plans as of yet.

Custom pieces:
Goggles: I've not been able to track down anything quite that angular, so my intention is to vacuum-form one out of Lexan and use an off the shelf seal and strap.
Compression suit: This is where I'll be spending a lot of time. I've not done a whole lot of sewing before, but I suspect that the simplest course of action is to make it two pieces, with snaps or a long zipper to tie the shirt and pants together at the waist; with the idea of utilizing a belt here. I might take my X-Wing flight suit and use it as a template, but at this juncture I'm still hunting fabrics for color and composition.

What do you guys think? Should I try to hunt down a set of scrubs or something to modify into a suit? Do you have any other suggestions? Is there a "guide to bunny suits" I missed in my research here?
Starting with a set of scrubs might not be a bad idea. If the set you use fits well you can rip it apart at the seams and learn how it's sewn together which is an extremely valuable process for someone just starting out. You can also use it to draw on the extra panels and details you want to add and treat it as a pattern.
That's a good idea, I've found some that have good coloration, so I might go that route...

I got the Lab Coats in, the XL fits me well, in my opinion.


It'll need some work, but nothing too major I think. nice and relatively lightweight.
Long time later. Here's an update

Got the goggles mostly modeled need to figure out the arc radius and making a custom gasket. Here's a render of the glasses as they are right now:

My printer took a dump, so making the Vac-u-form mold master is going to take longer than I'd like. So it goes.

The hardware store had painting bunny suits in stock for $8, so there's my main suit template. Went to JoAnn's and found some fabrics that I like (pictures in the morning.) so that will be interesting when it happens.

That's the update for now.
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