Clear camo MC question???

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hope someone can help on this. I just got the con exclusive MC that is the clear active camo version. When I opened the box, (It was with another fig as well) It had no visor!!!!! Well I found it in the box and it popped back into place. Is this how they were made or did my USPS jack up another item for me???? Any help would be great. There is no damage at all and the visor is fine. Just curious as to if anyone elses visor has popped out like mine.
Fragclone said:
could you make it a bit clearer about what happend?
and it came with an extra figure?

Sorry for the confusion. I bought two MC figs from a guy. He sent them to me. I opened the box and took them out. The stealth camo MC's visor was not on the helmet. I found it in the bottom of the mailing box. Now it snaps back in and there is no damage but I was just wondering if all the stealth camo visors pop outon all of them? Maybe bunjie had to do this to get the detail of the helmet?????? Any ideas?
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