Clone Trooper pep files coming soon!

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Well after trying stormtrooper models, many of them were too high poly, so it is impossible to make a suit from pepakura.

Some people were probably happy that it was going to happen, but it cant now.

But after some more searching, I found a low poly but high detail clonetrooper body, it is the same as episode 3's design, (episodes 2/3 had same armor, different helmets)

It is very very detailed, but actually do able

I have the right leg finished after 2 hours of work. I will post all files together when done.

The right leg both the thigh, knee cap piece, and lower leg, all take up 10 pages all together.

next I will work on the left leg then work my way up to the torso.

I may consider making a pep file for the helmet, it does look accurate, but is highly detailed and will not be for beginners.
i love that we're the 501st...wait. this site is for halo armor making. hmm. jk whatever floats your boaat.
Stormtrooper pep files? YES!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: I am working on some Halo armor but I would love to have some trooper armor! Is it Stormtrooper or Clonetrooper?
sounds good but i will reserve my praise until i see the final results that someone has used from this file, it sounds gd, but pep doesnt seem the best route for this armour, i think it will end up looking too angular, but still, with a little bondo and a lot of sanding that could be all in looking forward to seeing this!!!

I have lots of models for star wars, clone troopers, stormtroopers, vader, driods, han solo in carbonite, you name it.

I also have Battlestar galactica stuff, including the original iron man, and original series cylon helmet, not to mention the BS galactica itself.

Just ask, and send me an email ady and Ill send em your way. I think most of them wil fit in an email attachment.

Does anyone have the accurate updated H3 mark VI spartan biceps/shoulders ready for pep yet? i need that to keep going on my suit. The ones I found werent correct.
Well no, I found it somewhere containing zip files of many stormtrooper models, I opened each and everyone to see their detail and many of them were detailed only in texture, the one I found finally had detail in the model and all detail was sharp, I compared this toa FX kit and movie screens and it seems more accurate toa FX kit acutally, because the movie armor had leg pieces too long and arms too long, but this one looks perfect, i will show screenshots of the model later today, as I need to reinstall 3dsmax8, for some reason when I started it back up, I'm getting a licence error saying it lost the file containing the licence key, so the program will not start, it wants me to reinstall, so it may take another day or so just for me to churn out these files.

The helmet looks odd because it is too slanted up front, but other than that, all detail is good.

Werd Nal said:
i love that we're the 501st...wait. this site is for halo armor making. hmm. jk whatever floats your boaat.

If people can post iron man and samus pepakura files, then I am entitled to make stormtrooper pep files and post them.
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because the movie armor had leg pieces too long and arms too long, but this one looks perfect
right, so its not movie accurate then
edit; sorry Im not trying to be rude, I just read the post and doubted the accuracy comment highly. Ive owned armour from movie moulds and its seriously all over the show.... cool, but all over the show.
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Well yes and no, the FX kits are based off the movie, but made more comfortable and slightly trimmed so you dont end up with sharp thigh pieces jabbing you, or pieces too long, it has the same detail, but the FX kits are trimmed here and there.

Just wait till you see the dang screenshots or pep files.

I'm doing some work right now, so I will have them later today or tommorow depending on when I reinstall 3dsmax.
Well yes and no, the FX kits are based off the movie,
Thanks for the info.
(By the way the "TK" in my user name means Im a stormtrooper in the 501st)
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I noticed the TK, thinking you're a stormtrooper fan.

I havent imported this model into pepakura yet since I cant even get it to work (3dsmax8 is being crap right now)

But seeing how smooth it is, looking at dani and FS's smooth pep models, they come out smooth, so I have hope that these pieces will come out smooth and not too angular, a light sanding will do them good after resin and glassing.

I'd love to see a final product enter the 501st.
3dsmax8 is being crap right now
when is it not? haha just kidding, It would be interesting to see someone make a pep stormy, I dont know if it would be allowed 501st status, I suppose as long as it looked right it would be accepted, it would be a pretty expensive and time consuming way to go about making a tk suit though, when you can pick up an fx kit for about 300 these days
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The only guy I know who made kits for the 501st (many people in the 501st had his kits) he wants 700 dollars free shipping, way too much just fior the plastic pieces, theres a guy on ebay who is another supplier for the 501st (who claimed to be) and I have read many reviews on his armor, the wuality is the same and good, he wants 490 9including shipping) for the entire kit, straps set, velcro, hat liner, the works. Very cheap, I rememebr seeing his auctions for 700 back then.

I wouldnt say this would be too expensive, making chief armor from pep cost 100-200 dollars depending on how you make it, I'd say with just fiberglass and resin and hard work, it will turn out good witha nice sanding and paintjob.

Though no helmet will be included, just to let you guys know.
Pretty much every man and his dog is recasting stormtrooper stuff these days, even I've got a set of tk helmet moulds recast off a recast off a recast from a movie used lid. I wouldn't buy anything off ebay, If you know where (and how..having a tk# helps) to look you can get things for quite reasonable prices.
Man, I can't wait to get those pepakura files.

i already got the helmet so i will be able to do a full suit.
Well Heres a helmet worth my pepakura skill


It isnt final, I'm not sure If I will release the helmet due to it being do dang odd shaped and smooth, too many pages and pep pieces to make the helmet, I just imported to I'll see what I can do.

I was confused with my other models and found this helmet to be the most accurate shaped, though being accurate....that means MORE PAGES/PIECES, so as my original statement stands, I may not be doing the helmet.

I unfolded the helmet, it is impossible to do, theres 30,000 faces and infinite amounts of folds.
Only the armor will be doable since it's less detailed than the helmet.
Hey there, sorry to butt in like this (I just registered) but I did a storm trooper helmet in pep a while ago. If you want to, I'll put it up, or start a new thread (don't know how you guys handle stuff like that here).

I had that problem with the polygon count. I'd love to help. But I'm kinda tired, I'll try and do it tomorrow.

Basically, you'll want to reduce the number of polygons, because when it's built, it'll look way smoother, but it's difficult because the shape has to stay the same. I don't know how you'd do it in 3d max, because it's impossible to do per hand (or very inefficient). I did mine in Blender 3D. Great tool, obviously "the best" ;) . The modifier "decimate" is the way to go.

Maybe I'll get some pics up, easier to see what I mean.

Take care
I may not be doing the helmet.
To be honest that helmet dosnt look worth the effort, it looks worse than a rubies. no offence to the moddler is intended, modeling helmets is bloody difficult, I dont think I could do it any better. I see you've changed the thread to clonetroopers now, where did the file come from?
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Heres a picture of the leg, it's the right leg, 10 pages.

The model is a mash up of different pieces from many models, so there is no 1 model.
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