Colonial, Let's get moving. (A judgement free getting healthy together)


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Weighed in this morning. With stress and all I am down to 310! I am gunna start pushing harder to drop even lower by twin tiers.


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I did a weigh in as well......I dropped another 4 lbs.....and managed to get my fat butt on the bike this weekend and put 20 miles on the odometer!!!


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Good Stuff, I want to encourage everyone to continue on the path of good health and keeping with your goals. I have personally helped roughly 30 individuals make height and weight standards so that they could become US Marines 2 of which lost almost 400lbs between two of them. I want to remind everyone that everyone's body is different and reacts differently to different things. so my points
1. know your body
2. be safe
3. stay hydrated ( this can actually help you loose weight by itself)