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Im picking up some tan paint tonight and Im going two tone baby. Ill post some pics later this evening hopefully!

double stripe


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I'd go with Black, but with like chrome higlights so that the edges and details stuck out. You could even get a silver mirrored faceplate... but that wouldn't be very spartan-like would it? :p


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I'm going to try to stay as accurate to the Master Chief as possible, so for my first suit (I intend to make a couple more afterward) I'll be using Dupli-color "GM Lime Green" (CDSGM243). It was the closest match I could find here; not too green, and not too tan.

I guess it's actually a closer match to the HALO 2 in-game model, but it'll still suit my purposes for my HALO 3 build.

Helmet-wise, I plan on making just a helmet for a friend of mine down in Indianapolis. She's a huge Colts fan, so I was thinking of doing the same thing Unique Name posted above, but in reverse (racing stripes blue instead of white). I was thinking I can paint the team logo on the sides of the helmet.

After that, I haven't really given any thought to what colour scheme I'll use next, but I'm sure I'll come up with something... :)


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Defektedtoy said:
Ya gotta admit that a powder pike and lavander MC with a neon pink assault rifle would be pretty damn funny. You could use the "sissy" color scheme as a distraction. Imagine seein' that on the battlefield.

"WTF is that?! is Master chief in a pink... :tutu: oh shi..!!!" BOOM!

"Yeah bitch i'm in pink armor, but who just ate a sticky bomb? Oh that's right, you did."
hahaha :lol:

To quote Eddie Izzard:

"What would be more surprising then the 1st Battallion Transvestite Brigade?"

A pack of salmon-pink Spartans with ditto armoury. It would be fanTAStic.
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im not sure what color to paint mine either i was gonna do white with red like my in game armor but i wanna do an original cheof suit too so idk well have to see
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