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So im trying to decide on what color schemes to go with for my armor. I like briar's set, with the black highlights all over the armor. I was thinking of maybe a red white and blue patriotic suit. Any suggestions or sweet links?
A patriotic suit would look pretty cool. I cant think of any other cool color schemes off the top of my head other than good ol' Master Chief Green.
I say go with RW&B.
I myself am thinking of a light blue sandy texture color scheme like seen in some halo screenshots, maybe even a light red/pink xD

Not girly pink, but the very very light red seen on several screenshots. But then again I'm thinking of good old masterchief green but then several people dont get it right sometimes.......maybe blue is the best...but then what if people mistake me as someone else, like a power ranger..zomg, better go with green.

Maybe this red then..


Meh but going to stores and annoying people isnt as fun unless your green masterchief,
That looks good. If you have seen macattack's armor, It's red and I dont think very many people wold confuse him with a power ranger.(ick!)
Are you going for something in game or just cool looking colors?

If it's the latter, you could do black and just about any color and have it look cool. All white with some grey and black camo for that "arctic marine" look, maybe some greys and blues in digital camo for the "urban assault" look.

Or you could paint it all super shiney chrome! But to get that reflective look, it will take alot of work and alot of wetsanding.
I could make trooper-cheif, a masterchief/stormtrooper combo thing, masterchief's armor smoothed out, with,....glossy white paint!


I'm thinking of that light redish pink or tanish green with metal scratches.
I'm really leaning on green/tan mixture, but red may be a possibility

heck when microsoft starts selling their armor, I might just buy it, if it;s the good one as seen in some pictures, not the old crappy skinny masterchief, the new one looks godly.
In multi I use salmon coloured armour with pink highlights... I don't think I will be making wearable armour in that clour scheme.
If i could make a direct color copy from what masterchief uses ingame as the standard red, i'd use it, but since I cant, I'll just go with green.


Pink chief is super serious! lol 5min photoshop and it looks real.
black was my initial thought - but the lines and curves in the armor wouldnt stand out. im thinking black would look too monotone and plain. rwb it is! A GOP master chief
Ya gotta admit that a powder pike and lavander MC with a neon pink assault rifle would be pretty damn funny. You could use the "sissy" color scheme as a distraction. Imagine seein' that on the battlefield.

"WTF is that?! is Master chief in a pink... :tutu: oh shi..!!!" BOOM!

"Yeah bitch i'm in pink armor, but who just ate a sticky bomb? Oh that's right, you did."

hahaha :lol:
Pink Masterchief is verrrry serious D:

I wouldnt paint mine pink, but I thought someone else might want too xD (maybe a girl is making pep armor?)
Hippi chief is high.

Seriously, no one is adventerous enough to paint flames on their armor, wee neeeedd flames!
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